Social Justice Club

The Social Justice Club is open to all grades - all you need is enthusiasm and the desire to work for change.   We meet on Tuesdays at 12:15 pm in room 14. Bring your lunch and invite a friend to come along with you !

Because I am a Girl
The Social Justice Club launched our Because I am a Girl campaign on Tuesday, March 8 which was the 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day.  Students entering the school were greeted with a huge banner and pictures celebrating girls from around the world.  On Wednesday of this week, we showed the "girl effect" video to the entire school at the Ash Wednesday Celebration.  On Friday, we held a bakesale and raised over $185.00 to send to the Because I am a Girl programme to support access to education and improved health care for girls.  Thank you to everyone who supported us!  


You can see in these pictures the great t-shirts that the Club had made to promote this initiative.  If you would like to order a shirt, see Ms. Clarke or Ms. Hamel.  Stay tuned for more Because I am a Girl activities!!


Global Village Craft Fair - a necklace success!!
On Saturday, November 20 from 11 am to 3 pm, the Social Justice Club sold almost our entire supply of paper bead necklaces at the Global Village Craft Fair.  These exquisite and colourful necklaces are made by a women's cooperative in Uganda.  Ms. Chisholm is our contact for these beautiful works and we thank her for her keen interest in the Club.   We were thrilled to see many Vanier students and staff doing their Christmas shopping at the Fair and buying the wonderful wares that support fair trade practices worldwide.

Antoine and Kelly move the merchandise!

Ms. Merkley loves her new jewelery.

Garrett, Foreste and Ms. Chisholm make our booth look fantastic!

A Sea of Pink at Vanier
On Friday, November 19, Vanier school was awash in PINK as we showed our determination to push out bullying from our school.  We saw pink of every shade and description.  Thank you to all who participated...we love your style!


Unicef Boxes take over Whitehorse!
A group of Social Justice members donned big UNICEF boxes and took to the streets of Whitehore to gather donations.  Their efforts paid off in over $350.00 which will now be sent on to UNICEF to allow them to purchase bed nets, educational supplies for schools, and therapeutic milk.  Thank you to everyone who opened their pockets and gave us your change!

Kaitlyn and Kelly strike a pose!

Garrett is making a fashion statement.

Kelly the viking takes no prisoners!

Madame Ouimet dit "merci!"

Shineth and Charmaine walk the beat on Main Street.  

Wear a hat...warm a heart
On Friday, November 5th, Vanier students will be able to wear hats around school all day.  While normally Mr. Sikkes or Mr. Deuling would be tearing a hat from your hat, on Friday you can wear a hat with no fear of confiscation.  The cost to you...a mere $2.00 for hat freedom!  All the money raised will go to buying warm socks and hats for the Outreach Van to distribute to people in need.   On Friday, go through the front foyer to pay your $2 and receive a stamp which gives you hat immunity.

Charmaine and Shineth get the assembly line moving...

The Whitehorse Outreach Van makes its rounds through the city each night and hands out sandwiches and soup to Whitehorse citizens in need.~ The Social Justice Club makes sandwiches once a month to help the Van with this great work that they are doing.  We need lots of help so join us on our next sandwich making day which is Tuesday, November 16th!

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