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HW: Homework, AS: Assignment, WS: Worksheet, WB: Workbook, TB: Textbook, EXP: Experiment, ACT: Activity 

General ES11 Information
Due in as soon as possible:  My Blueprint permission form.
Life Science 11
Exp. 5: Petri Dish Growth  -  Sat. Oct. 19

TEST: Unit 2: Evolution  -  Wed., Oct. 9
WS: Evolution By Natural Selection  -  Wed., Oct. 2
WS: Nat. Selection & Evolution  -  Tue., Oct. 1
WS: Darwin's Theory of Evolution  -  Tue., Oct. 1
Retest: Unit 1: Intro. and Taxonomy  -  Thurs., Sept. 26
AS: WS: Genotype and Phenotype  -  Wed., Sept. 25
Exp. 4: Gel Electrophoresis  -  Tues., Sept. 24
AS: WS: History of the Elephant  -  Tues., Sept. 24
ACT: DNA Extraction Lab  -  Mon., Sept. 16
TEST: Unit 1: Intro. and Taxonomy  -  Wed., Sept 11
AS: Biology Lab Safety Map  -  Thur., Sept. 5
AS: Leaf Dichotomous Key  -  Tues., Sept. 3
AS: Exp. 2: Advanced Microscope Techniques  -  Thurs., Aug. 29
AS: Exp.1: The Microscope  -  Wed., Aug. 28
WS: Making Observations and Inferences  -  Tuesday, Aug. 27
Chemistry 11
Exp. 5: Water In Crystals  -  Sat., Oct. 19

ReTEST: Unit 1: Intro and Physical Properties and Changes  -  Thurs., Oct. 10
HW: WS: Atoms and Ions  -  Tues., Oct. 8
QUIZ: Atoms, Isotopes, and the Periodic Table  -  Tue., Oct. 8
Exp.7: Bond Types  -  end of Friday, Oct. 4
WS: How Atoms Differ  -  Mon., Sept. 30
ACT: Penny Isotopes  -  Fri., Sept. 27
ACT: Magic Garden  -  Fri., Sept. 27
HW: Notes pg. 12 #Q3 to Q5 Isotopes  -  Thurs., Sept. 26
TEST: Unit 1: Intro and Physical Properties and Changes  -  Wednesday, Sept. 25
Review Sheet - Significant Figures  -  Tues., Sept. 24
AS: Exp. 3: Meet the Elements (including the completed Periodic Table and both sides of Metal Maze/Symbols Dominoes  -  Monday, Sept. 16
AS: WS: Pressure Conversions  -  Monday, Sept. 16
HW: WS: Freezing and Boiling Point Graph - Tues., Sept. 10
EXP. 2: MP & FP of a Pure Substance  -  Tuesday, Sept. 10
AS: Chemistry Lab Safety Map  -  Thur., Sept. 5
AS: Exp. 1: Melting and Boiling  -  Tues., Sept. 3
HW: Exp. 1: Melting and Boiling:  Complete the graph for your section  -  Friday, Aug. 30
HW: WS: Measurement In Science  -  Thur., Aug. 29
HW: WS: Scientific Notation  -  Thur., Aug. 29
HW: 8 HHPS (product name, location, and symbol interpretation(s) for eah  -  Monday, Aug. 26
Geography 12
Energy Presentation - About your energy type completed  -  Tues., Nov. 12

Energy Presentation - Lists of Pros and Cons  -  Mon., Nov. 18

Energy Presentations  -  Monday, Nov. 25 to Friday, Dec. 13

ReTEST: Unit 1: Earth's Surface and Techtonic Processes  -  Wed., Oct. 9
AS: WS: Place Research  -  Mon. Oct. 7
Energy Presentation - History section completed  -  Monday, Oct. 7
TEST: Unit 1: Earth's Surface and Techtonic Processes  -  Thurs. Oct. 3
Energy Presentation - Read your energy section from the H.P. Sovio WB  -  Monday, Sept. 30
HW: Crosswords WB pgs 37 and 38  -  Mon., Sept. 30
HW: Techtonic Processes Crossword (pg. 36)  -  Tues., Sept. 17
Active Living 11
Bring Swim Gear  -  Wed., Oct. 9
Scuba Final Assessment  -  Monday, Oct. 7
WS: Food Guide Scavenger Hunt  -  Mon., Sept., 30
Scuba Unit 5  -  Monday, Sept. 30
Softball - bring gloves, bats, and balls  -  Tues., Sept. 24
Scuba Unit 4  -  Tuesday, Sept. 24
Scuba Unit 3  -  Monday, Sept. 16
Climbing Outdoors -  Monday, Sept. 16
Climbing  -  Wednesday, Sept. 10
Scuba Unit 2  -  Monday, Sept. 9
Climbing  -  Monday, Sept. 9
Scuba Unit 1  -  Tuesday, Sept. 3
Disc Golf - Tues., Sept. 3
Bring your mountain bike and helmet  -  Friday, August 30
Visual Arts and Applied Skills 11
AS: WS: Colour Wheel  -  Monday, Oct. 7
AS: Shapes in Perspectives  - Monday, Oct. 7
Bring a landscape photo to class to transfer to a watercolour
Visit and view examples of Lillian's watercolour art
ES11 Big Trip Meal Plan  -  Fri., Oct. 4
AS: Lillian Lopenen Sketch  -  Wed., Oct. 2
HW: WS: Letters In Perspective  -  Tues., Sept. 24
Art Folder  -  Wed., Sept. 18
HW: WS: Boxes In Perspective  -  Tues., Sept. 17
Bring rubber boots for Wednesday, Sept. 4

Do you know of any youth who would be perfect for our 20th Anniversary Arctic Expedition?
Who are we looking for?

The youth who are drawn to Students on Ice (SOI) expeditions already show the makings of leaders, innovators, creators and change-makers in their home, schools, communities and countries. Students on SOI’s expeditions are also very diverse, which includes students from all over the world and a strong cohort of Indigenous youth and staff (more than 40% of participants) from across the circumpolar Arctic.

About the Journey

SOI's 2020 Arctic Expedition will take over 120 youth on an inspiring two-week journey taking place July 5-20. The team will engage in ship and land-based workshops along the entire eastern coastline of Newfoundland & Labrador, communities and coasts of Nunatsiavut, Torngat Mountains National Park, and southern Baffin Island, ending in Iqaluit, Nunavut. 
Guided by a team of scientists, elders, artists and explorers, youth will develop a deeper connection to the land, culture and people of the Arctic. They will engage in hands-on research, learn from Inuit elders, visit Arctic communities, observe wildlife, and explore opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration with youth from around the world. Youth will learn about the impacts of climate change, the health of our oceans and ecosystems, and other important topics, grounded in an understanding and appreciation for the people who call the Arctic home.

Full scholarships available!

With support from SOI's global partner network, a majority (more than 80%) of participants on SOI's Arctic Expeditions are fully funded to participate. 


$1M in bursaries to attend Shad

I know resources are limited and not all families, school districts and geographic areas have access to the same richness of Canada’s resources. 
Last year, Shad provided over $1-million in bursaries so the most deserving students could attend, regardless of their family’s income. 
Secondary school teacher, Kingsley Hurlington explains the importance of having diversity in the program. 
Shad Bursaries
And Shad's CEO says it perfectly:
“The capacity to love STEAM is not tied to gender, economic status, or ethnicity. Thanks to the generosity of Shad's donors, we can remove financial barriers so future Shads can focus on their curiosity, the love of learning and reaching their full potential.”

If you have a student that would benefit from our program we’d love to:
Student Coordinator | Shad Canada 
P.S. Our online application for Shad2020 is now open!

I am with the National Indigenous Youth Entrepreneurship Camp, NIYEC for short. We are hosted by the First Nations University of Canada. Our focus is to invite Indigenous youth from across Canada participate in a completely free of cost entrepreneurship camp (travel assistance maybe be provided if qualified). I have included a brochure, poster and a copy of the registration form.  Registration forms can be sent in via or online. For more information about the camp & for online applications please visit our website: If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Meagan Angus
Assistant Coordinator
1 First Nations Way
Regina, SK. S4S 7K2
Ph: 306 709 5950
Fx: 306 765 5994


I am the Communications Coordinator for the City of Whitehorse and we are hoping your students would like to participate in an essay contest. The theme of the contest is “Write an essay about what your ideal city would look like.” The essay doesn’t need to be more than 500 words. Students have a chance to win a $100 gift card to the Canada Games Centre (there can be 3 winners). The winning essays will also be displayed on the City’s website. The deadline for submissions is December 31.
Thank you,


Jordan Lutz
Coordinator • Strategic Communications
City of Whitehorse •
Working and living within the traditional territories of the
Kwanlin Dün First Nation and the Ta’an Kwäch’än Council.




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