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Textiles 11/12Textiles 11/12
We are into the Home Stretch!

Final Social Studies Assignment:

Essay Evaluation Guide:
Research Essay Evaluation .docx

Final Research and Essay for Social Studies 10.docx


Fads Dec7-11.docx

FADS Nov 30 - Dec4.docx

Nov 23 - 27.docx

Early Canada.docx

November 9

1 hour video of the Geographic Regions of Canada

November 6

Students were give a surprise project to
complete by the end of the day.

Novemeber 5 Designer Reasearch.

Students reasearch a Canadian Designer and
created a Power Point Presentation about the

November 4
Drawing & Painting
Day of Art, including sketching, painting,
watercolor and charcoal drawing

November 2
In our unit study of the Natural Regions of Canada,
we will examine the human interaction, and the affects
of those interactions, on the Natural Landscape.

These are some traditional images of some of the
Arctic People prior to European Contact

Studens to watch the National Film Board video,
starting at 3 minutes and 19 seconds in. At
the end of the video, go back and watch ther
first 3 minutes.

Amarok's Song - The Journey to Nunavut

October 23

Natural Regions.docx

Physical Geography of Canada
October 16

New assignment on mapping and definition started today and due
NEXT FRIDAY, October 23.

Physcical Geography (1) .docx


In Social Studies we looked back to the First Peoples of Turtle Island
and learned about the complex societies prior to contact with Europeans.

Students discussed and learned about Elements that every culture needs
to survive and thrive. Students were asked to do a pictoral powerpoint /
information gathering/ oral and visual explanation as to what they discovered
about their chosen First Nation Culture.

The First Peoples Before ContactName.docx

Students started to learn the complex components of making a
collared and cuffed men's shirt with button and cuff plaquettes.
They have infused their unique design ideas into a standard pattern
and we will post their finished images soon!

Welcome to Fashion Art Design School!

We dived right in with sewing, design and social studies projects.

Here is our September Summary:

Seam Sample Book started and book 1 completed
Boxer Shorts - serged seams, curved seams, rolled hems
serged hems, elastic waistband

T-Shirt construction - sewing with knits, rib knit
application, use of the cover lock machine  

For Social Studies, we examined the complex issues in Europe that were
leading up to WW1. Students researched a country, studied its political and
economic situation before the war, and learned about how nationalism,
cultural nationalism and patriotism were contributing factors to the war

WW 1 POWER POINT ASSIGNMENT.docxSS10Rubric – Multimedia.doc

For Design work, students sketched, drew and expanded their knowledge
about fashion drawing, completing their design collection drawing.

Students also ordered all their fabrics and patterns for their collection!

For Textile art we did some needle work, some bleaching and some fabric
dyeing, learning how to neutralize a bleach bath and how to manipulate fabrics for
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