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Student Support Services
Assistance is available in the Skills Room
for ANY student needing help with assignments. When:  Monday through Friday 8:00 to 8:30 am
                                12:15 to 1:00 pm       
            Monday through Thursday 3:15 to 4:15 pm
Study skills and organization skills necessary in high school can be developed during these times if requested and an appointment arranged with the Learning Assistance teacher. 

At VCSS, Student Support Services have three general areas: counseling services, library services and learning assistance services which include a tutoring program.

Learning Assistance Services
The goal of learning assistance services is to assist individual students to reach their learning potential in the least restrictive environment so those students can maximize their school success. Appropriate interventions will be based on students’ strengths and weaknesses. A variety of instructional approaches and learning strategies will be taught inside and outside the regular classroom environment. Our primary goal is to help students become the most responsible and independent learners possible.

Students are identified for support by:
-Elementary school referral (upon transition to secondary)
-Vanier teachers
-Parental request
-Student self-referral
Referrals are made to the school-based team (SBT). At Vanier the team meets weekly on Monday morning. Team members include administrators, counselors, and Learning Assistance teachers.   Classroom teachers may be invited into the team to discuss individual student cases. The team meets with the student’s teacher/s or parent/s to develop an action plan to meet the student’s needs.
An outcome of a SBT meeting may be to ascertain the student’s current achievement level. Learning Assistance teachers may use informal or norm reference tests. The KTEA Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement may be use with parental support.  Referrals for other assessments may be made to the Department of Education specialists upon parental approval. These specialists include psychologist, speech and language specialist, physio and occupational therapist and vision specialist.

An Individual Education Plan (IEP) may be developed in consultation with support staff, teachers, parents and the student. Learning Assistance teachers or Case manager will implement or monitor these plans.
There are two types of plans: modified and adapted. A modified plan makes changes to the regular curriculum to meet the student’s needs. An adapted plan supports a student following the regular curriculum.  Two types of graduation certificates are available to meet student needs:  a school leaving Certificate based on student IEP goals or a modified plan and  the Dogwood certificate based on BC graduation requirements for an adapted plan.

Individual Education Plans may include any of the following adaptations. Readers and/or scribes may be provided for testing and exams. Spell checker or extra time (past one hour) may be given for test or exam writing if a student requires more time to process information.  This will be based on requirement set up in an Educational assessment.  Application for adjudication for BC and Territorial exams must be made. Access to word processing on computer may be given to any student. Other accomodations will be made according to the educational assessment.

A Student Learning Plan (StLP) may be developed for students who need support in organizational skill but need the accomodations of the use of assistive technology.  Instruction from Learning Assistance teachers is available for development of study skills and learning strategies.

Learning Assistance teachers use direct instruction to develop basic skills. Wilson Reading methods may be used to develop reading and spelling skills. Strategy instruction and study skills may be taught and practiced. Computer programs may be used to develop math and writing skills. This instruction may be given during a scheduled Skills class or during a part of a scheduled class in cooperation with teachers. Also Support Service staff collaborate with classroom teachers to adapt and/or modify students’ program so that wherever possible students may learn effectively within regular classrooms. Educational assistants and remedial tutor may assist students within classrooms or may implement alternate programming outside the regular classroom.

Reviews of IEPs take place in consultation with the student and parents. This occurs in the fall of the school year and a review is completed near the end of the year by phone or in person.  Additional meetings may be arranged as needed.  
A major goal of all IEPS is to build student self-awareness so that the student will learn about their particular strengths and weaknesses in order to advocate for him/herself effectively.

Learning Assistance Services at VCSS work in partnership with other school staff to provide appropriate educational programs for all students to achieve their potential and become independent learners.

If you have further questions please email Barb Bergsma

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