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Social Studies 9Social Studies 9
Febuary 13 2013

Religion and the Stuarts. The video presented today can be viewed on youtube at the following: Angeldocs, Kings and queens of England episode 4: Stuarts. It is 45 mins. long. Refer to the green booklet handout from todays class. Currently the previous assignment booklet (The English civil war) is due. Remember to bring it to class and place all completed assignments in the social studies 9 box in room 203.

Febuary 8 2013

Welcome to social studies nine. Currently we are studying the English civil war. Interesting history about the development of democracy in England during the 1600's. People such as King Charles the first and Oliver Cromwell. Please refer to chapter 2 of the "Crossroads" text pages 19 through 25. The assigned work as handed out during class includes the "Introduction to the English civil war" handout. Create a tiltle page. Create a mind map. Define the relevant terms listed on the third page of the handout. Additional and interesting video may be found on youtube searching "History feed" and looking for the English civil war-Blood on our hands."

March 14 2013

Revolution! In France that is. Starting after spring break we will be studying the French revolution. Learning about 17th and 18th century France and the effect of the French revolution on principles of freedom, democracy and equality as we know them today. I hope everyone had a great break and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

March 20 2013

French revolution assignment in class. The link to the documentary series we are watching is available on youtube at 'French Revolution Documentary guyburgundy' parts 1 through 7. Next Wednesday April 3 I will be available for three way conferences in the evening at Porter Creek school. On Thursday I will be available at F.H. Collins throughout the morning. Remember to get any outstanding work handed in.

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