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Pre-Calculus 11 S2
Calculus 12
Tuesday, Jan 9: Impulse and Momentum. Hw: finish the questions on the yellow sheet, check your answers tomorrow in class.
Monday, Jan 8: presentations. HW: optics assignment - due on Thursday, if the assignment is not completed and handed in on Thursday at the beginning of the class, you will have to write an optic quiz. If you finish the assignment, you are excused from the optics quiz.
Friday, Jan 5: Introduction to optics. HW: devices that make use of plane and curved mirrors, and of concave and convex lenses. Start reviewing for the final.
Thrusdday, Jan 4: Wave phenomena.
Wednesday, Jan 3: wave properties. HW: textbook p 386 #15-24, two practice handouts can be turned in for additional marks- no later than Friday Jan 5.
Tuesday, Dec 19: presentations.
Monday, Dec 18: Presentations. Providing constructive feedback. HW: none if you are done presenting.

Friday,Dec 15: Nuclear Physics quiz. HW: finish your presentations - be ready to present on Monday or Tuesday.
Thursday, Dec 14: generating electricity in nuclear power plants. Surviving disaster - BBC documentary about the Chernobyl disaster. HW: watch/read the following:

Quiz on nuclear Physics tomorrow. HW: study the review chart
Wednesday, Dec 13: Fission and Fusion. HW: evolution of the atomic theory handout.
Tuesday: Dec 12: Nucelar Physics - Hw: Complete the decay reactions at the back of the handout. All except #3, #4 is a beta decay.
Monday: Dec 11: Einstein's big Idea - movie. Special theory of relativity - completed notes. HW: finish all questions in the handout with Einstein's picture. Read the twin paradox.
Friday, Dec 8: Einstein's Big idea - movie. HW: finish the KE and PE assignment that was due on Dec 1. Monday is the last possible day to hand it in.
Special Theory of relativity is due for marks on Wednesday, Dec 13.
Thursday, Nov 30: energy and work test. Hw: none.
Wednesday, Nov 29: work period - review for the test. Hw: study for the test.
Tuesday, Nov 28: Thermodynamics. HW: finish all questions in the pink handout. Start on the "in-class assignment"for marks. This is due on Friday if you want to do corrections.
Energy and work test on Thursday, Nov 30.

Dynamics test re-write on Tuesday. Dec 5.
Monday,Nov 27: Efficiency. HW: Finish the 7 questions in the efficiency handout. Due tomorrow.

Friday,Nov 24: work period - caclulating power, work, PE and KE. HW:finish the handouts.
Thursday,Nov 23: Data analysis for Lab #4. Power. HW: textook 264-265 # 9-13, 15,17-22. Answer key is at the back of the classroom on the whiteboard. Lab #4 write-up due on Monday -for marks.
Wednesday Nov 22: KE and PE.HW: finish questions in the blue (yellow) handout given out in class. textbook p 261 #1-3 and p 262 #4-8
Tuesday, Nov 21: Dynamics test. HW: none if you are all cought up.
Monday, Nov 20. work period - review for the test. HW: study for the dynamics test.

Dynamics test on Tuesday!
Friday, Nov 17: Work - finish questios in the yellow handout. Due on Wednesday. Start studying for the dynamics test - it is on Tuesday. Review on Monday.
Thursday, Nov 16: Hooke's Law. Hw: textbook questions p 113#59-65,67,68
Wednesday, Nov 15: Work period - finishing the midterm lab. HW: complete any outstanding assignments.
Tuesday,Nov 14: Lab #4 - average speed, calculating sample standard deviation. HW; finish lab #3 write up.

Thursday, Nov 9: Lab #3 - force of friction. HW: finish the worksheet and hand in on Tuesday - this a a lab write up so no grace period.
Wednesday, Nov 8: Lab #2- task 3 and begin Lab #3. HW: work on lab 2 write ups.
Tuesday, Nov 7: Midterm lab #2. HW: do write up for task 1 and task 2.

Monday, Nov 6: work period - finishing the test and outstanding assignments. HW: finish anything that was due last week.

Friday, Nov 3: research project day 3 : working in the library on gathering more information for your project. Focus on summary and in-text citation. HW: work on your project.
Thursday,Nov 2: Kinematics test. HW:none if you do not owe me any assignments.
Wednesday, Nov 1: Test taking skills and preparation for a test skills - workperiod. HW: study for the test.
Tuesday,Oct 31: work period - finish lab graph and write-up. Complete the Application of NLs - due tomorrow. HW: Work on the questions in the yellow - gravitation handout. Questions due for marks on Friday.
TEST on Thursday - kinematics, including vectors, unit conversion, analyzing P/T, A/T and V/T graphs, application of kinematics formulae, free all and projectile motion.

Monday, Oct 30: Midterm lab #1. HW:complete the graph and calculations -dueon Wednesday Nov 1. No grace period, no extension.

Application of NLs assignment is due for marks on November 1st.
Gravitational Force (yellow) booklet questions are due for marks on November 3rd.

Thursday, October 26 and Friday October 27: Work period - application of NLs.
Wednesday, Oct 25: Gravitational force and greavitational field strength. Quiz on forces. HW: none if you are all cought up.
Tuesday, Oct 24: work period - normal and frictional force. HW: finish the handout given at school, ensure questions assigned on Monday are finished.
Monday, Oct 23: Force of friction.HW: complete questions assigned in the handout. Textbook p 128 #17-20 and p130 #27,28 and130 Due on Wednesday.

Thursday, Oct 19: Force of friction. HW: complete any outstanding assignments.
Wednesday, Oct18: Action -reaction pairs reacting at adistance.Normalforce.HW  study forthe quiz.
Tuesday, Oct 17 - work period. HW: please finish assignment #4 if you have not done so.
Monday, Oct 16: Work period. Finish assignment #4 - due today, questions assigned in handouts last week - Newton's first, second and thrid law. FBDs, p 89 #1-5 and p 95 # 9, 11, 12, 13, Remember that the projectile motion questions #1-3 p 150 are to be checked for completion.

Friday, Oct 13: Newton's Third Law. Hw: finish assignment #4 - due on Monday
Thrusday, Oct 12: Newton's First and Second Law. HW: Example 1, 2 and 5 in the Second Law handout. Questions in the textbook assigned in First Law handout.
Wednesday, Oct 11: Introduction to dynamics, nature of force and FBD. HW:work on assignemnts given last week. Free Fall due tomorrow.
Tuesday, OCt 10: Work period: Green assignment Free Fall due on Thursday Oct12. Quiz #2 turned assignment due on Friday OCt 13, Assignment #4 due on Monday, Oct 16.

Thursday, Sep 28: Quiz - constant motion. Graphs and conversion of units. HW: ensure questions assigned yesterday are all done
Wednesday, Sep 27: work period, projectlie motion and kinematics review: texbook p 150 #1-3. p 152 #4-6 and p 152- 7, 9-11. Review questions p 80-84 - do as many questions as you can.Quiz tomorrow
Tuesday, Sep 26- Projectile motion continued. HW: example 1 and 2 in the white handout. Check your answer with an AK on the chalk board.
Monday, Sep 25: Projectile motion  and free fall. HW: read your notes from today.

Friday, Sep 22: The Elegant universe - movie. HW: finish assignmebt #3 if you have not done so.
Thursday, Sep 21: Free Fall.Hw: textbook p 74#42 and 46, p 75#47-52
Wednesday, Sep 20: Kinematics problmes - solving for time, acceleration,displacement,
final velocity, initial velocity. HW: Assignment #3. Assignment #3 is due for marks on Tuesday, September 25. Quiz tomorrow - graphs and kinematics formulae.

Tuesday, Sep 19: Kinematics equations - isolating for an unknown, combining equations. HW: finish the green handout.
Modnay, Sep 18: Task 1 in Position-Time graph handout. The Elegant Universe movie. Correct assignment #2 and have questions ready for Wednesday.
Thursday, Friday, Sep 14-15 - Positiontime andvelocity time graphs. HW: finish task one in the handout given on Friday.
Wednesday, Sep 13: Displacement-Time graphs practice: Hw: finsh Vavg and Vinst for all graphs in the handout.
Tuesday, Sep 12: Displacement-Time graphs and information given by them. HW: none if you do not owe me anything.
Monday, Sep 11: Intro to Kinematics. Uniform and non-uniform motion.
Friday, Sep8: Vector calculations -displacement and velocity. "The Elegant Universe" movie Part 1. HW: finsih questions 2-6 from the green handout - Due for marks on Monday. No grace period as you were supposed to be done on Thursday.
Thursday, Sep 7 : Vectors in two dimensios summary. Work period. HW:finish the assigned questions from the green handout if you have not done so in class today.
Wednesday, Sep 6: Vector components, algebraic addition and subtraction of vectors. Scala multiplication of vectors. Hw: finish the whitehandout excepts questions 7 and 8.
Start working on the green handout #2-6 - you will have time for the green handout in class tomorrow
Tuesday, September 5: Math for physics 3 - working with vectors. HW: finish conversion assignment - due tomorrow for marks.
Friday, September 1 - significant digits and conversion of units. HW: Conversion assignment - turn in for marks by Wednesday, Sep 6.
Thursday, August 31 - Math for Physics 2 - significant digits. HW: finish page 2 and top page 3 in the handout.
Wednesday, August30 - Math for Physics 1 completed. HW: find the best definition of "quantity" that applies to physics.

Tuesday, August 29 - course expectations. Math for Physics 1. HW: finish question  #1 in the handout.

Welcome in Physics 11. It is my hope that we learn lots from each other and have fun doing so.
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