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Octoer 18: Simple machines continued: Yukon First Nations and Yukon connections

Defintions can be found here:


October 16-17: Simple machines virtual lab. HW: finish the lab1 write-up, due on Friday - no grace period as you had lots of class time. Lab 2 write-up due on Monday

October 15: dynamics partner quiz. Objects on inclined planes in-class assignemnt. This assignment is due for marks on Thursday. HW: finish the in-class assignment.
Enjoy the long weekend and keep safe. Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it.
Ocgtober 10: Objects in inclined planes continued. Hw none if you are all cought up.
October 9: Application of Newton's Laws. HW: continue your work on the booklet, it is due for marks tomorrow
October 8: Objects on inclined planes. HW: make sure you are all cought up with questions assigned from the textbook - a quiz tomorrow will be inspired by your homework questions. The booklet given
in class tomorrow is to be worked on during class on Thursday. It will be due for marks after the long weekend.
October 7: Object on an inclined plane. Newton's Laws review. HW: Finish the Normal Force and Friction in-class assignment. Due tomorrow if you choose to earn marks for it.

October 4: Hooke's Law. HW: questions assigned in the handout.
October 3: Force of friction. Hw: finish questions from the textbook - p 128 #17-20, p 130 #28,28, 30
October 2: Normal force in three different scenarios, introduction to force of friction. HW: none if you are done with all corrections and have no outstanding assignments.
October 1: Newton's third law, action and reaction pairs. HW: questions assigned in the handout. Quiz tomorrow on FBD, nature of force, Newton's three laws.
September 30:All corrections and late assignments are due on Thursday. Newton's second law. HW: questions assigned in the handout.
Please, remember to wear an orange t-shirt or an orange hoodie on Monday! Why? Because Every Child Matters. We will discuss in class. You can also visit:

September 27: Translational equilibrium practice. Hw: none :)
September 26: Introduction to Dynamics, FBDs, Nature of Force, Newton's First Law. HW: textbook p 95
September 25: kinematics test. HW: none
September 24: Work period, free fall and projectile motion. HW: study for the test.
September 23: Work period, projectile motion practice. HW:study for the test, finish in-class assignment for 30 marks, due tomorrow
September 20: Projectile motion continued. HW: start on the assignment given in class. it will be due for marks at the end of class on Tuesday.
Kinematics test is on Wednesday, September 25
Assignment #3 (2.3) is due on Monday.
September 18: Objects thrown straight up or down. HW: textbook p 74 #42-46, p #47-52 you are not required to use the GRASS method. Textbook questions p 80 #53-73 are review questions for the unit
test that will be next week, thus start working on those questions now. Free fall handout given in class must be completed for tomorrow's class.
September 17: work period, kinematics graphs. HW: continue your work on the assignemnts given in class
September 16: Written assignment expectations: class time to do corrections to the vector assignment. Free fall - definition, example 1. HW: redo assignment #2 (3.2) vectros. Due on Wednesday
September 18.
September 13: Kinematics - problemm solving. HW: finish questions in the 2.3 handout. #1 20 cm, #3 599m[forward], #5 11 s, #6 39.2 m #7 -0.41 m/s^2, #9 75.0 m/s^2 [W], #10 23.3m/s^2, #12 -9.31 m/s^2,
#14 3.2x10^-2 m/s^2 [N],
September 12: Problem solving in physics, GRASS method: Assignment #3, questions # 2,4, 8,11,13 from the 2.3 handout given in class. and p 7 in the graph handout. Assignment #3 requires you to use a
pencil and start each question on a new page using lined paper.
September 11: D/T graphs based on V/T graphs, HW: p 3, 4, 5 in the white handout.
September 10: vector quiz, using kinematics formulas, drawing D/T graphs based on V/T graphs. HW: finish the green sheet given yesterday, check your answers, answer key at the back of class. Note:the
accelerations in question 5 on green handout is negative!
September 9: Velocity versus Time graphs. Drawing V/T graphs based on D/T graphs. HW: study vectors - quiz on Tuesday. If you have not handed in 3.2 assignment (#2) that was due today you have until
Wednesday to do so. No corrections possible for assignments that were not handed in today. No grade for assignments turned in after Wednesday.
September 6: Vector quiz (yes, another one). Work period HW: ensure that the Displacement time graphs handout is completed to your best ability.
September 5: Instantaneous velocity. HW: finish the frist three pages on the displacement time graphs handout. Study vectors.
September 4: Kinematics continued. Vector quiz. Displacement, velocity and average velocity definitions. HW: using a pencil, start filling in information about the displacement time graphs in the
handout. Note, some of the questions will be hard to answer and we will talk about those in class as a group. Assignment #2 due for marks on Monday, September 9. Use a pencil and lined paper. Answer
questions 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 from the 3.2 Check and Reflect handout given in class today.
September3: Kinematics continued.Interpreting graphs. HW: study for a vector quiz.
August 30: Work period, introduction to kinematics. HW: none if you are done the vector assignmet.
August 29: Subtracting vectors, scalar multiplication of vectors. HW: complete the white vector handout, check your answers, prepare for the interview about the handout on Friday. Please note that
you do not need to have to fully understand everything on the assignment but you need to prepare questions for me to explain what you are struggling with.
August 28: vectors in two dimensions - terminology and operations. HW: start on the questions in the white handout. Answers on whiteboard.
August 27: conversion of units continued. Math for physics III - vectors and vector notation.
August 26: Math for Physics II: scientific notation. HW: finish first page of the assignment. Assignment due for marks on Friday, August 30. Second page of the assignment uses units we have not used
in our examples yet. Stay tuned for tomorrow class to see an example to help you out.
August 23: Math for Physics II: significant digits. HW: none
August 22: Physics as a natural science. Math for Physics I - unit conversion. HW: #1, fill-in the blanks.
August 21: Welcome in Physics 11. Introductions and course expctations. Course outline:
[Image:New Physics 11 Course outline.docx]Please hand in a filled-in and signed copy of the course outline by Friday August 23.

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