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Phyisics 11
Pre-Calculus 12
Physics 12
Pre-Calculus and Foundations 10
Statistics 12
Calculus 12
Pre-Calculus 11

October 17: work period,, you should be done the practice test for unit 3
October 16: work period
October 15: work period.
Enjoy the long weekend and keep safe. Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it.

October 10: work period. You should be nearing the end of the blue booklet.
October 9: work period - you should be done writing the second quiz in unit 3.
October 8: work period
October 7, work period
October 4: work period
October 3: work period.
October 2: work period, at this point you should be working on unit 3 (blue) assignment 3.
October 1: work period
September 30: Unit #2 test. If you have not written the unit #2 practice test today, you have fallen behind the course timeline and you need to put extra time and effort into the course.
Please, remember to wear an orange t-shirt or an orange hoodie on Monday! Why? Because Every Child Matters. We will discuss in class. You can also visit:
September26: work period
September 25: Work period.
September24: work period. You should be done quiz 2 in unit 2.
September 23: work period
September 20: work period
September 19: work period
September 18: Making income, gross and net pay
September 17: work period
September 16: Unit #1 test. If you have not finished the unit #1 test, you are falling behind the time line for the course. Please ask for help, tutoring is available.
September 12: Practice test Unit 1
September 11: Work period. At this point, all assignments and the mental math quiz should be completed.
September 10: Currency Exchange rate. Assignment #17, 18
September 9: Mental math: determining cost without a calculator using knowledge of rounding and multiplication tables.
September 6: Special Sale Prices. Assignment 16.
September 5: Work period, at this point everybody should be done at least the frist 15 assignment and quiz #1
September 4: Taxes, Sales and Dicounted Prices. Assignment 13, 14 and 15
September 3: Markup, Retail price, wholesale price. Assignment 12.

have a great long weekend :)

August 30: Unit rate. Percentage and Decimals review. Assignemnts #9,10, 11.
August 29: quiz #1 unit1. continue your work with ratios and rates.
August 28: 3% presentation. This presentation was mandatory for all. If you have not returned to class for the last 20 minutes of period 1, you were marked absent for the entire period 1.
August 27: Unit price and working with unit price. Unit #1 assignment 6, 7 and 8
August 26: Working with ratios and proportions. Unit #1 assignment 3, 4 and 5
August 23: Cross Multiply and Divide, Working with Ratios.
August 22: Unit 1: working with money. Review of simplifying fractions and intorduction to proportion.
August 21: Welcome in Workplace Math 10: Intorductions and course expectations. Course outline: Signed course outline with answers provided to the given questins is due on Friday, August 23. New W10 course outline.docx

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