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Pre-Calculus 11 S2
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Tuesday, Jan 9: Cosine Law Hw: white booklet p 19-25, #1 a, b, #2 a, b, 3, 4,  5-10.
Quiz tomorrow on the cosine law and word problems - homework inspired.
Monday, Jan 8: Sine law: HW: work on the green assignment for extra marks. White booklet p 13-17 #1a, b, 2 a, b, 3, a, #9
Friday, Jan 5: Calculating values of basic trigonometric ratios given either a point on a terminal arm, angle whose refernce angle is a 45, 30 or 60 or information about one of the ratios. HW: white booklet: p 3#2 d,f, h. p 3#3a, p 4#3e, p 5 #3 a, d, g, p 6#3 n, o, p 6 #4a, p 7 #4c.
Quiz on Monday.
Thursday, Jan 4: Introduction to trigonometry, terminology, angles in standard postion, coterminal angles....HW: white booklet p 1 #1 and2, p 1-2 #3a, d, i, h.
p 4 #1, p 5 #2, p7 #4 d.

Tuesday, Dec 19 and Wednesday Jan 3: Problem solving. HW: finish any of the two problem solving handouts is you want them to be marked for additional marks.

Monday, Dec 18: Absolute value and reciprocal functions test. HW: finish extra assignments from the past unit - due tomorrow.

Friday,Dec 15: Quiz on absolute value equations.Hw:study for the test. Test on Monday.
Thursday, Dec 14: work period - absolute value equations. HW: work on the extra assignments. Prepare for the quiz tomorrow - absolute value equation quiz tomorrow.
Wednesday, Dec 13: graphing reciprocal functions using technology. Making predictions about the number of vertical asymptotes. Equation of a vertical asymtote. HW: finish the yellow assignment for extra marks. Review absolute value equations. Quiz on Friday.
Tuesday, Dec 12: graphing reciprocal functions. HW: blue booklet p 12-13#1a,b,f, #2 a,  p 15-19 #1a, b, #2a b, c #3 b,d

Absolute value function, absolute value equations and reciprocal functions test is on Monday, Dec 18.
Monday, Dec 11: Absolute value equations: HW: blue booklet: p 6-11. 31 a,c,e, #2 a,b,c, #3 a,d, e #5 a, b, d

Fiday, Dec 8: Absolute value function - graphing and piece-wise definition. HW: blue booklet p 1-6 # 1-3, #$ a, d, e #5 a, b, c #6 a, b, d and #7 a, d, f
Monday - Thursday Dec 4-7: work period. Old test rewrites, working on extra assignments for sequences and series. HW: finish as many extra assignments as you can

Friday,Dec 1: Sequence and Series test. HW: none
Thursday, Nov 30: review for the sequence and series test. Hw: study for the test.
Wednesday, Nov 29: Infinite geometric series. HW: yellow booklet: p 19-22, #1 a,b,h,i, #3 and #4  
Tuesday, Nov 28. Geometric Series: Hw yellow booklet p 15-19 #1 c, i, j,#2, 4, 5
Monday, Nov 27: Geometric Sequance: HW:yellow booklet p 11-14. #1 all, #2 a,e, i, #3 a, h, l, #5, 6, 7

Friday,Nov 24: Aritmetic Series. HW: yellow booklet p 6 #1a and 2a, p 7 # 3 e, f, p 8 P3 l, #4, p 9-10 # 5, 7, 9
Thursday, Nov 23: Arithmetic sequence.HW:yellow bookletp 1#1 a, b, #2 d h, p 2  #3 f, h, p3 #k, m, p 4 #3 a-f, p 4 #5, p 5 #7, 10
Wednesday, Nov 22: Inequalities and systems of equations test. HW: none.
Tuesday, Nov 21: work period - review for the test. Hw: ensure you are familiar with all the items in the review chart. Test tomorrow.
Monday, Nov 20: Solving Quadratic-Quadratic systems of equations in two variables. HW: pink booklet p 13-17 # 1a, # 2 a and b, #3a,b,d,, #5
Inequalities and systems of equations test on Wednesday.

Friday,Nov 17: Sovling linear - quadratic systems of equations. HW: pink booklet. p 8-13. #1 a, #2 a, b, #3 a, c, f, j, #4, 5 and 7
Thrusday, Nov 16: Solving quadratic inequalities in one and in two variables. Hw: pink booklet p 4-8. !3 d, e, f,g,l, #2 a b, #3 a, b, d, #4 a, b #5a,b, 36a,c,#7 both,#8
Wednesday, Nov 15: test day. HW: none
Tuesday,Nov 14: work period - review for the quadratic eqations test. HW:complete all examples from the review chart. Finish any extra assignments you want to hand in - tomorrow is the last day to hand in assignments from unit 4 (paperwork says unit 5)

Thursday, Nov 9: Rememberence Day ceremony. HW: prepare for the test.
Wednesday, Nov 8: Solving and graphing linear inequalities in oneand two variables. HW: pink booklet p 1-3 #1a, 2,a,b,c, #3 all, $3 a, e, h. #5alland try #6
Tuesday, Nov 7: Mini-assembly, survey, work period. HW: go on input into seach box: graphing inequalities on a number line, go to Solving Inequalities: Overwiew. Read the page.
Monday,Nov 6: THe discriminant. HW: p 14-16 white booklet, do as many questionsas you can in#1 and#2. work on the whiteassignment for extra marks. Solving quadratic equations test on Wednesday Nov 15. All assignments for extra marks are due on the test day. No grace period on those assignments.

Friday, Nov 3: Quadratic test. HW: none if you do not owe me any assignments.
Thrusday, Nov 2: Review for quadratic function test. HW: study for the test
Wednesday, Nov 1: Work period - using quadratic formula. HW: go over all items in the review chart. Test on parabolas on Friday.

Tuesday, October 31: Solving qudratic equations by using the quadratic formula. HW: p 9-14, all questions will have to be completed by the end of the class tomorrow. You will have the entire class to work on these questions tomorrow. I suggest you complete the green extra assignment on this topic.
Monday,October 30: Solving quadratic equations by square root principle.HW: white booklet p 7#2, p 8 #7a, b, p 6-7 #1 all. You should consider doing the pink extra assignment on this topic.

Quadratic quiz tomorrow - graphing parabolas, features of parabolas, equations of parabolas, transformations,mapping notation.

Quadratic test will be on Friday November 3. Review chart was given in class last week.

Friday,October 27: Work period - solving equations by factoring.  Do questionsin the white booklet p 1-6. Work on the white extra assignment.
Thursday, October 26: Work period - working on solving quadratic equations by factoring. Skip question #3 on the extra assignment (white). Do questions #7 and 12 in the white booklet p 3 and 4.
Wednesday, October 25: Unit 4 intro - solving quadratic equations - 4 methods. Solvign by factoring. HW: work on questions inthe white booklet p 1-6 - do each type of a question at least twice.
Tuesday, October 24: work period. Story of math movie. Hw: continue your work on quadratic function extra assignments.
Monday, October 23: Completing the square. Vertex and standard form of a quadratic equations. HW:finish the worksheet for completing the square. Answers are on the chalk board. Continue with questions in the blue booklet, p 12-15 #5a and b.

Thursday,October 19: Determining the Equation  of a Quadratic Function: blue booklet p 8 finish #3, p 9 finish #1 and 2, p 10 finsih #2c, #3b,c,d,
#4,#5,#6,,p 11 #7-#10
Wednesday, October 18: Determining an equation of a parabola given its graph. HW: Finish blue assingment - parabola translations and Wrod problme In-class assignment - due for marks on Thursday = tomorrow.
Tuesday, October 17: Rational expressions test. HW: Application of rational expressions - word problems assignment. Due on Wednesday = tomorrow.
Monday, October 16: Rational expressions quiz, Rational Expressions - word problem - in-class assignment due for marks on Wednesday. Last two questions are to be solved by graphing. Use Desmos on line graphing calculator. HW: fnish the in-class assignment study for the test.

Friday, October 13: Compressions and expansions of a parabola. HW: blue booklet questions p 5-7 alll
Rational Expressions TEST is on Tuesday next week. Rational expressions quiz and review on Monday.
Thusday, October 12: Solving word problems using rational expressions. HW: green booklet p 22-23 35,6, 7. redo the boat question.
Wednesday, October 11: Solving rational equations - HW: green booklet. P 16 #1, a,b, b, d,  and f, p 17 #1 g, #2 b, p 18 #2 e. p 19 #2i, p 20 #3 b, c. Do not verify and check, to restrictions for #1 and #3.
correct rational quiz, come for tutoring to ask for clarification and help. You will have a chance to improve your work on the second rational expression quiz you wrote last week with the substitute teacher. You will have to come during lunch or after school to finish/improve your second quiz. The version of the quiz I have by Friday afternoon will be the version I will mark and record in my gradebook.

BLue handout - quadratic functions - translations due for marks on Thursday, October 19. All graphs have to be on grid paper, work needs to be shown.

Tuesday, October 10: Multiplying and dividing rational expressions - white worksheet can be handed in for marks on the test day. Story of Math - movie. HW: work on the blue sheet given out last week - quadratic functions - translations.

Monday: October 2: work period - working on rational expressions worksheets.
Tuesday, October 3: Work period - blue assignment - parabolas with translations
Wednesday, October 4-rational expressions quiz. work on the blue assignment - translations.
Thursday, October 5 - the story of math - movie. HW: work on the blue assignment.

Friday,Sep 29:Translations and reflection in x-axis of a parabola. Hw: p 3-4 in the blue booklet. Answer all questions, check your answers.
Thursday, Sep 28- quiz - simplifying rational expressions, NPVs and restritions. Transformations of a quadratic function. HW, blue booklet p 2 ii) only.
Wednesday,Sep 27 - introduction to quadratic function,review of G10 - features of a parabola, relation, domain, range, function, set notation. HW: read your today's notes very carefully
Tuesday, Sep 26: Adding and subtracting rational expressions. HW: work on the green assignment.
Monday,Sep 25: Multiplying and dividing rational expressions. HW: questions on p 6-10 in the green booklet - do as many as you can but ensure that you do each type.

Friday, Sep 22: Neon day and Terry Fox run.HW: continue your work in the green booklet andthe white assignment.
Thursday, Sep 21:Work period. HW:work on the white "simplifying rational expressions" assignment - due on the test day next week.
Wednesday, Sep 20: Simplifying rational experssions. HW: green booklet, do as many questions as you can on pages 3-5
Tuesday, Sep 19: Rational expressions - definition, rules, NPVs, restrictions, equivalent expressions. HW: Green booklet, p1 and 2. #3 do only the first two columns. Check your answers with the AK at the back of the booklet. Yellow handout - factoring difference of squares and perfect square trinomials - do as many questions as you can. The yellow handout can be handed in for extra marks.
Monday,Sep18: Polynomials and factoring polynomials review. HW: finish the yellow assignment, answer as many questions as you can on the blue hadnout.
Friday, Sep 15: Radical test. HW: work on memorizing simple formulas for area and circumference of a circle, area of a rectangle, area of a triangle.
Thursday,Sep 14:work period - review. HW:study for the test that was postponed for tomorrow.
Wednesday, Sep 13: radical quiz. Factoring. HW: finish the white worksheet for factoring trinomial by inspection. Answers are on the chalck board.
Tuesday, Sep 12: work period + review for the test. HW: ensure you are comfortable with all the items on the review checklist
Monday,Sep 11: Work period- practice expecially radical equations - solve, verify, check solutions. HW: work on the handouts to practice for quiz and test coming up later this week.

Friday,Sep 8: Radical equations. Extraneous root. HW: complete as many questions as you can in the yellow booklet pl 12-17. Pay special attention to word problems.
Thursday, Sep 7: adding and subtracting fractions involving radicals. Work period. HW: work on questions in the yellow booklet and on the additional assignmets. Quiz next Wednesday, Test next Thursday.
Wednesday,September 6: Dividing radicals and rationalizing a denominator. HW: all quesions in the yellow booklet on page 9 and 10. Due tomorrow
Tuesday, September 5: Stating restrictions for radical expressions. Multiplying radicals. HW: p 6#3, p 7-9 do as many questions as you can, make sure to do at least two from#2
Friday, September 1: Review deteriming when a radical is defined and when the radical is undefined. Adding and Subtracting radicals.HW: p 5-7 in the yellow booklet. Finish questions in #1 and 2. skip#3, finish #4 and do #5. Due on Tuesday.

Thursday, August 31: solving word problems involving radicals. Determining when a radical expression is defined or undefined. Real numbers sets. HW: finish #3 p 4. Due tomorrow.
Wednesday, August 30 - review grade 10 knowledge of radicals- terminology, like and unlike radicals, mixed and entire radicals, simplifying radicals, expressing mixed radicals as entire radicals and vice versa. HW: yellow booklet page 3-4 all questions except #3.
Tuesday, August 29 - Course expectations and goals. Please answer the questions in the handout and turn them in with the course outline read and signed by your parent or guardian by Friday.

Welcome in Pre-Calculus 11. It is my hope that we learn lots from each other and have fun doing so.
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