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Phyisics 11
Workplace Mathematics 10
Physics 12
Pre-Calculus and Foundations 10
Statistics 12
Calculus 12
Pre-Calculus 11
October 18. Graphing sinx, cosx and their transformations. HW: complete the handout, check your answers, key at the back of the classroom.
October 17: work period: mark and correct the polynomial (chunky) assignment. Workbook and textbook questions for 4.4. You can start on chapter review in the textbook. Transformation quiz tomorrow.
October 16: intorduction to trig equations. HW: textbookp211-212 #1-6
October 15: Trigonometry continued. Finding possible values of an angle given its ratio. HW: Your turn p 200, textbook p 201-203 do at least two questions from each exercise where applicable.  
Enjoy the long weekend and keep safe. Happy Thanksgiving if you celebrate it.

Octobr 10: Trigonometry continued. Exact value of trig ratios. Hw: finish the 24 mark assignment given in class. It is due on Tuesday, no grace period. Furgher Hw: textbook 4.1-4.3 focus on questions: p175-177, #2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8,11, 13, 15, 16, p 186-187 # 1 - 7, p201-203 #1-17
October 9: Polynomial test. HW: none if you are cought up on trig practice.
October 8: work period - polynomial functions review. HW: study for the test.

Chapter 3 test on Wednesday, October 9 yes, it did change as the bio midterm is now on Thursday !!!

October 7: Reciprocal trigonometric ratios. Unit circle practice. HW: Practice test for unit 3 in the textbook p 155-156 and review questions p 153-154 - do several questions from each section. Have questions prepared for tomorrow.
October 4: Unit circle model. HW: complete the last page of the unit circle handout. Have a lovely weekend.
October 3: Coterminal angles. Unit circle and special triangles. HW: finish the Trigonometry handout practice and answer questions in the 11 questions in the Introduction to Trigonometry handout (given yesterday). In spare time, work on the big polynomial assignemnt.

Chapter 3 test on Wednesday, October 9
October 2: Review of trigonometry from PC11. HW: page one in the handout.
Ocbotber 1: Properties of polynomial functions continued. HW: workbook 3.4 questions
September 30: Properties of graphs of polynomial functions. HW: textbook review questions for 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 p 153-154

Please, remember to wear an orange t-shirt or an orange hoodie on Monday! Why? Because Every Child Matters. We will discuss in class. You can also visit:
September 27: corrections for Test #1
September 26: Unit #2 test. HW: workbook 3.3, questions from textbook assigned yesterday - make sure they are done.
September 25: Synthetic division, Factor Theorem, Integral Zero Theorem. HW: textbook p 124-125 #1-17, do at least two questions from each exerscise.
September 23: unit #1 test. HW none if you are done with all work assigned earlier. You can, however, consider studying for the Unit #2 test that will be on Thursday.
September 20: Remainder theorem, long division of polynomials. HW: do at least 5 questions on each handout.
September 19: Polynomial functions - intorduction, recap of polynomial language. HW: assigned from the textbook: your turn p 108, p 11, Practice p 114-115 #1-8To review long division go to:
Unit #1 test on Monday September 23. Textbook review and practice test p 56-59
Unit #2 test on Thursday September 26 Textbook review and practice test p 99-103
September 18: Solving radical equations graphically using two different methods. HW: work on the yellow booklet.
September 17: work period,HW: work on the yellow booklet. due for marks on Friday
September 16: solving radical equations algebraically. HW, workbook p 59#1, p 60#4, p 61 #6, p62#7-9
September 13: Square root of a function. HW: workbook 2.2 all.
September 12: transformations of a radical function, restrictions and NPVs. Hw: all questiions from 2.1 and finish the white handout from yesterday.
September 11: Combining transformations. Radical function introduced. workbook p 43 #2, p 44 #3,4. p 45 #4, 5.
September 10: Combining transformations. Complete TRANSFORMATION PRACTICE handout, check your answers. Yellow handout from yesterday should be completed all the way to and including question 4
September 9: Interval notation for domain and range. Combination of transformation. HW: first page of the yellow handout. Study for function/relation and domain/range quiz tomorrow. Workbook p35-38 all questions.
September 6: work period. Hw: none if you completed all given handouts and assigned questions from the textbook. Assignemnt #1 was due today, Monday is the end of the grace period for this assignment.
September 5: Inverse continued. HW: continue your work on assignment #1 due tomorrow.
September 4: Inverse of a function introduction. HW: textbook p 51-52 #1-6
September 3: combining transformations. HW: start on Assignment #1 that is due for marks on Friday September 6. Skip inverse questions or f^-1(x) questions for now.
August 30: Graphing the reciprocal. Work period. Finished the white handout and used desmos to graph various reciprocals. HW: Ask questions if you are still unclear about the reciprocal. Well done learning from your peers today. You have impressed me.
August 29:mapping and function notation of function trnasformation. HW: continue working on the handout given in class, check your answers with the answer key and disucss with others.
August 28: Reciprocal of a function. HW: complete as much of the handout as possible, discuss your answers with others.
August 27: review factoring by grouping, solving quadratic equations by factoring, more completing the square, communication quetions on domain and range. HW: none if you are confident about all topics reviewed in class. If not confident, practice and come for tutoring.
August 26: grade 12 in a Careers workshop, Continue with completing the square if you need more practice, if you are confident, no HW.
August 23: Completing the square and square root principle review. HW: complete at least 5 more questions in the white handout. Check the purplemath website if still unsure about completing the square.
August 22: Review of the real number system. Revie of the relation and function, domain and range, set notation. HW: refresh your knowledge on factoring
August 21: Welcome in Pre-Calculus 12. Introductions and course expectations.
course outline: New PC 12 course outline.docx Please hand in a filled-in and signed copy of the course outline by Friday August 23.

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