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Pre-Calculus 11 S2
Calculus 12
Tuesday, January 9: rational functions quiz. HW: finish the take-home chapter 9 and 10 test and hand it in no later than Friday.
Monday, January 8: Composite Functions. HW: workbook p 10.3 all questions.

Friday, January 5: Product and Quotient of Functions. HW: workbook 10.2 all questions.
Thursday, January 4: 10.1 Sum and Difference of Functions. HW: workbook 10.1 all questions.
Wednesday, January 3: Solving rational equations algebraically and graphically. HW: workbook 9.3 all. Additional homework - workbook p 32--324 - complete all questions in preparation for Friday quiz.

Tuesday, Dec 19: 9.2 - analyzing and describing graphs of rational functions. HW: workbook 9.2 all
Monday, Dec 18: Rational functions - graphing. HW: workbook p 301-304 all.

Friday, Dec 15: word problems involving exp and log functions. Textbook p 401, 402, 413 and 414. do the chapter 8 review p 416-418
Thursday, Dec 14: Word problems involving logarithms.  8.3-8.4quiz HW: complete all word problems in the workbook 8.1-8.3. Complete solutions are posted on the white board in the classroom.
Wednesday, Dec 13: Work period - review 8.3 and 8.4. All questions in the workbook except the word problems. Hw: finish 8.3 and 8.4 questions and review for tomorrow quiz on 8.3 and 8.4.
Tuesday, Dec 12: 8.1 and8.2 quiz. Work period. HW: continue working on logarithmic equations. 8.3 and 8.4 quiz on Thursday.
Monday, Dec 11: Exponential equation using logarithms. Logarithmic equations. HW: Logarithimc equations - complete solutions can be handed in for extra marks on Thursday. 8.1-8.2 quiz tomorrow.

Friday, Dec 8: Properties / Laws of logarithms. Finish the blue booklet. HW: graphing log functions can be handed in for marks on Monday - VA asymptote must be obvious, domain and range are stated, Graph has at least 2 exact points
Monday - Thursday: work period - work on 8.1 and 8.2 questions in the workbook - all. Work on portfolio items - optional.
Thursday, Nov 30: exponential functions and equations test. Hw:none
Wednesday, Nov 29: review for the exponential functions and equations test. HW: do the practice test in the textbook.
Tuesday, Nov 28: School-wide assembly. HW: workbook 7.3

Exponential function and equations test on Thursday.

Monday, Nov 27: Exponential equations: Hw: textbook p 364-365 #2-10 and #12

Friday,Nov 24: Work period - transformations of exponential functions. Review of the Laws of exponents. HW: finish all handouts given in class on Thursday, workbook questions from 7.1 and 7.2
Thursday, Nov 23: Exponential function - graphs and transformations. HW: review the laws of exponents and work on the handouts given in class.
Wednesday, Nov 22: Trig test part 2. HW: none
Tuesday,Nov 21: Trig test part1. Hw: continue working on practice trig tests in your textbook.
Monday,Nov 20: work period - review for the trig tests. HW: ensure that you are familiar with all items in the review chart.

Friday, Nov 17; work period - work on quetions in 6.4 assignment. Review for the trig test by doing all therr practice tests in the textbook for chapters 4, 5 and 6.
Trig test #1 on Tuesday, Trig test #2 on Wednesday.

Thursday, Nov 16: 6.4 Solving trig equations using identities. HW:workbook 6.4 as many questions as you can. 6.4 assignment can be handed in for marks on Monday. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Wednesday, Nov 15: Proving and verifying trig idenitities. HW: finish the 18 questions in the yellow handout.
Tuesday,Nov 14: work period - working on 6.1  and 6.2 in the workbook. Answer all questions. HW: do questions not-completed in class.

Thursday, Nov 9: Double angle, sum and difference identites. HW: questions from 6.2 #1-8 in the textbook to be completed and handed in for marks on Wednesday, Nov 15.
Wednesday, Nov 8:Introduction to trigonometric identities - reciprocal, quotient, Pythagorean. HW: textbook p 296-297 #1-7 all
Tuesday, Nov 7: Work period - word problems with trig functions. HW: continue your work on the yellow assignment.
Monday, Nov 6: Work period. Practising graphing trig fuctions with applications. HW: finsish questions #4-6 in the handout.

Friday,Nov 3: work period. Review questions in the workbook. Textbook p 282-285 - do as many as you can. HW: Chapter 5 practice test in textbookp 286-287 all questions
Thursday, Nov 2: Solving trigonometric equations by graphing. Graphing trigonometry fucntions based on a real life scenario. HW: workbook questions in 5.4
Wednesday, Nov 1: Polynomial test. HW: none if you do not owe me anything.
Tuesday, Oct 31: Review of chapter3 test. HW: finish the practice test in the textbook p 155-156
Monday, Oct 30 - Graphing tan x. HW: workbook read p 167, do questions p 171-174,

Thursday and Friday Oct 26-27- graphing sin x and cos x and their transformations. Continue working on trig equations and review questions from the textbook - all from unit 4. p 215-219

Wednesday, Oct 25: Graphing sinx and cosx. HW: workbook 5.1
Tuesday, Oct 24: grad retreat. Hw: trig equations questions assigned on Monday - keep on working :)
Monday, Oct 23: Work period: workbook workbook p 141-148, textbook p 215-219 - do all by Friday Oct 27.Polynomial test on Wednesday Nov 1. Trig quiz on Wednesday, Oct 25.

Thursday, Oct 19: Introduction to trigequations. HW: Finish the handout.
Wednesday, Oct18: Finding angle measure given a value of a basic or reciprocal trig ratio. HW: textbook your turn p 200.
Tuesday, Oct 17: work period. HW: complete all outstanding assignments.
Monday, Oct 16: Unit circle and coordinates of points on the unit circle. HW: textbook p 185 your turn, Workbook, questions from 4.1 and 4.2 - do as many as you can.
IF you have not finished test #1 or test #2 you are required to do so tomorrow.

Friday, Oct 13: unit circle construction, special triangles, Hw: finish the blue and white handout that were given in class with the unit circle.
Thursday, Oct 12: Introduction trigonometry - angle measure, arc length, radian, conversions of angle measures, coterminal angles.
Wednesday, Oct 11- Work period- continue your work and self-marking of the polynomial assignment (yellow booklet).
Tuesday, Oct 10 - Work Period - continue working on the yellow booklet. Due on Friday with corrections and self-assessment.
Introduction to Trigonometry questions - due on Thursday

Thursday, Sep28- analyzing graphs of polynomial functions. Hw finish examples 2 and 3 from the handout and do your turn p 139.
Wednesday, Sep 27 - Unit 2test. HW: none if you are done with the greenassignment.
Tuesday,Sep 26- workperiod, review of unit 2. Textbook, review and practice text for unit2.
Monday, Sep. 25: The Factor Theorem the Integral Zero theorem. HW: workbook p 88-90 left-column questions only. all questions on p90
Friday, Sep 22: work period: Finish all questions in workbook 3.2, and do questions fromm the texbook p 124-125.
Thrusday, Sep21: Remainder theorem, synthetic and long division. Hw: 6 synthetic divisions from the white handout - AK on the chalkboard. workbook 3.2.

Wednesday, Sep 20: Polynomial functions - introduction. HW: workbook p 72-77. Do as many questions as you can.

Unit 2 test on Wednesday, September 27
Tuesday, Sep 19: Radical equations, work period. HW: finish the green assignment.Due tomorrow.
Monday, Sep 18: Radical equations, solve using any of the three methods, restrictions, verification, check. HW: work on the green assignment = inverse of a function and radic
al equations. Assignment due for marks on Wednesday Sep 20
Friday, Sep.15: Transformations test. HW: work on the inverse questions in the green assignment.
Thursday, Sep.14: Square root of a function. HW: workbook 2.2 as many questions as you can.
Wednesday,September 13: Radical function and its transformaions. HW: workbook p 43-46.
Tuesday, Septemeber 12: work period. HW: workbook: p 29-34 inverse, p 35-38 unit 1 review questions. Practice test and its answer key in class. Unit #1 test on Friday.
Monday, September 11: Review of a reciprocal function. Assignment #1 - to be handed in for marks tomorrow.HW: Transformation practice sheet, finish Assignment #1 for tomorrow.
Friday,September 8: Inverse of a relation - work period. HW: finish all hadnouts given in class.
Thursday, September 7: Inverse of a relation. HW: work onthe questions assigned in the handout: Textbook p 51-52#1-6
Wednesday,September 6 - combining transformations. HW: reveiw questions from 1.1-1.3in the workbook
Tuesday, September 5 - mapping and function notation, HW: workbook sections 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 complete two questions from each section
Friday,September 1 - transformations continued. mapping notation. horizontal transformations. HW: finish the green handout, check answers with the key provided on the chalk board.
Thursday, August 31: Trasformations of functions. function notation.
Wednesday, August 30: Relations, functions, domain, range, vertical line test review. HW: finish the second page of the Basic relations handout.
Tuesday, August 29 : course expectations. Please have the course outline read and signed by Friday.

Welcome in Pre-Calculus 12. It is my hope that we learn lots from each other and have fun doing so.
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