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Congratulations ! Have a lovely summer :)

May 28: Work period- review for the final.HW:work on the practice exam.

Final Exam will be written in class: Part 1 on Wednesday, May 30, Part 2 on Thursday, May 31.

To prepare for the final, you may consider visiting the following website that has old BC provincial exams available including their answer keys. Your final exam will be very similar to those exams.

May 25: work period - work on magnetism and electromagnetism. Take-home test is due on Tuesday. HW: work on the take-home test.
May 24: application of electromagnetism - el. induction. HW: questions in the 2 handouts, all except #3
May 23: electromagnetism continued.
May 22: Magnetism and electromagnetism. Hw: finish the circuit booklet from last week.

May 17: work period - practice emf and complicated circuits. HW: finishall questions in the two handouts. Answers were provided in class.
May 16: emf, terminal voltage. HW: finish the power handout.
May 15: Power dissipation, complex circuits. HW: work on example 3. Continue your work on the Stephen Hawking project. Project is due on Thursday - it will be assess on Thursday, there will be no extensions.
May 14: Stephen Hawking
May 7: Ohm's Law, resistors in parallel and in series. HW: noneif you finished the write-up about the documentary

Friday,May 4: Electrostatics quiz.HW none if all caught up
Wednesday and Thursday, May 2, and 3: Shock and Awe, the story of electricity documentary. HW: start working on your write up- duefor marks on Monday.
Tuesday, May 1: work period: white hadnout can be turned in for marks, no later than tomorrow morning. HW: none

Electrostatics quiz on Friday.

Monday, April 30: Electric potential energy and electric potential. Hw: #1-4 in the handout.

Thursday, April 26: Electric force and electric field. Work period. HW: none if you turned in the pink assignment.
Wednesday, April 25, examples that connect electric force, energy and force. HW: finish questions in the handout.
Monday, Tuesday, April 23-24, electric field - diagrams and word problems. HW: work on the pink assignemnt. Due for marks on Wednesday.25
Friday, April 20, Electric field. HW: Electric field practice questions, answers are at the back of the class room.
Thursday, April 19: Electrostatic force. HW: practice questions in the handout.
Wednesday, April 18: assignemnt #5 - momentum,impulse and conservation of momentum. HW: finish the assignment for tomorrow - if you like your mark from this assignment, you can opt out of the unit test.
TUesday,April 17: work period: work on textbook questions. Momentum in one and two dimensions, conservation of momentum.
Monday, APril 16: explosions in two dimensions. HW: finish practice questions in the handout.

Friday, April 13: Centripetal force, acceleration and GPE quiz. HW: work on the blue assignment if you wish to rewrite the work quiz. No HW otherwise.
Thursday, April 12: work period, Fc, GPE, ac. HW: study for the quiz tomorrow. do corrections to wednesday quiz.
Wednesday, APril 11: W, KE, PE, P, Eff quiz. Collisions in two dimensions continued. HW: work on assignment #4 due for marks on Friday.
Tuesday, April 10: work period. GPE, Fc and ac, HW: continue working on the booklet questions.
Monday,April 9: Conservation of momentum in two dimensions. Collisions. HW:practice questions #1 and #2 from the handout.

Friday,APril 6: physics 11 review of momentum and impulse in one dimension. HW: finish the Work, Energy and Power booklet given to you before the break so you are ready to ask clarification questions on Monday, quiz on KE, PE, W, P and Eff is in on Wednesday. I will not be in school on Tuesday.
Thursday, April 5: Orbits. HW: complete the handout and work on the practice worksheet. Answers are at the back of the classroom.
Quiz on Fc and GPE on Wednesday, April 11, Quiz on KE, PE, W, P and Eff on Thursday, April 13.

Wednesday, April 4: Centripetal force. Hw: finish questions in the handout.
Tuesday, April 3: Gravitational Force. HW none if done with questions in the handout.

Have a great spring break :)
Friday, March 16:GPE - gravitational potential energy not on Earth. HW:none unless you want to rewrite the torque test; then you have to complete the torque booklet.
Thrusday, March 15:work period KE, PE, W, P. HW: finish the booklet
Wednesday, March 15: work period. HW: continue your work on the Work, Energy, Power handout.
Tuesday, March 13: Work,Energy and Power.Review of physics 11.HW:assigned in the handout - textbook p 169 #5-8 amn p 177  #10-13, p 178#14 and15.
Work, Energy and Power booklet can be handed in for additional marks, due Friday, March 16.
Monday, March 12: Torque test. HW:noneif you did well on the test, otherwise you are expected to actually complete all assigned questions and check your answers with the provided answer keys.

Thursday, March 8: work period: review torque. HW: study for the test on Monday.
Wednesday, March 7: work period. Review and practice torque. Hw: complete the white handout. Torque test tomorrow
Tuesday, March6: Dynamics test. HW: complete the green booklet except questions 7 and 8
Monday, March 5: Torque continued. HW: study for the dynamics test.
Friday, March 2: Rotational and Translational equilibrium. Calculating torque, force and lever arm given rotational equilibrium. HW: none if you are all caught up.
Thursday, March 1: Introduction to torque. HW: finish the yellow handout, check answers at the back of the classroom. Do corrections to assignment #2 due tomorrow.
Wednesday, Feb 28: Work period - review of dynamics. HW: finish the booklet, you can turn in #8,12 and 18 for extra marks by Friday. Only full solutions will be accepted.
Dynamics test on Tuesday next week.
Tuesday, Feb 27: Systems of masses on an inclined plane. HW: finish the yellow handout for inclined planes, also Assignment #2 is due tomorrow for marks.
Wedesday, Feb 21: Objects on an inclined plane, Rules for FBD. Hw: complete questions in the handout and questions in the yellow worsheet. Remember that the assignemnt #2 is due next week on Wednesday.
Tuesday, Feb 20: A quick review of tension, normal force and friction
Monday, Feb 19: Quantum physics and quantum computing video and worksheet. HW: continue working on the N1L and N2L hadnout from last week. Deadline is pushed to Wednesday.
Friday, Feb 16: Kinematics test. HW:none if you are finished with your force assignment.
Thursday, Feb15: Application of Newton's first and second Law. HW: continue working on the 30-mark handout. Due for marks on Tuesday. Study for the kinematics test.
Wednesday, Feb 14: Newton's third law. Force of tention. HW: finish question #6
Tuesday, Feb 13: Newton's First and Second Law review. HW: work on your grad transitions !

Kinematics and vector test on Friday
Monday, Feb 12: work period.HW continue work on the force project
Monday, Feb5-Friday Feb 9: review and practice projectile motion, Einstein Revealed - documentary. HW: none if you two projectile motion assignments and forces project are complete. Forces - review of physics 11 dynamis knowledge is due on Friday.

Friday, February 2: vector and relative velocity quiz. Work period - projectile motion. HW: none
Thursday, February 1: Projectile motion continued - an object landing above the launching level and an object ejected at angle below the horizontal. HW: questions on Projectile motion handout 3.3 Check and Reflect, #1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 6, 9 and 8 as a bonus. Due for marks on Friday Feb9, use the GRASS method and start each question on  a separate sheet of paper. Work in pencil
Free Fall and Projectile Motion (In-class Assignment) worth 30 marks is also due on Friday Feb 9. Work must be shown but if you can fit it in the space provided you do not have to include a separate sheet.
Wednesday, January 31: relative velocity practice. HW: work on the blue (or pink)practice worksheet.
Tuesday, January 30: relative velocity. HW: complete the handout and be ready to discuss your strategies tomorrow.
Monday,January 29: Projectile motion, relative velocity, Fnet as a vector sum. HW: finish the white booklet questions.
Friday,January 26; SI units, significant digits, rounding and scientific notation review. HW: Work on the kinematics+dynamics review package
Thrusday, January 25: problem solving - Rubik's puzzle. English 12 BCP for most. HW: none if you understand vectors.
Wednesday, January 24: subtraction of vectros, magnitude and direction. HW: none if you underestand everything in the handout. If you have questions, please see me before the weekend.
Tuesday, January 23: Vectors and vector quantities. HW: none.
Monday, January 22: Welcome in Physics 12. Review vectors in 2 dimensions. Practise isolating for each variable using your formula sheet.
Please have your signed and filled in course outline handed in by Friday.

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