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Congratulations ! Have a lovely summer :)

Monday, May 28: Compostion of functions. HW: textbook p 507 #1-11. Workbook 10.3

Friday, May 25:work period. WOrk on 10.1 and 10.2 in the workbook and textbook.
Thursday, May 24: Operations on functions, sum, difference, product, quotient. HW: workbook all questions in 10.1 and 10.2
Wednesday, May 23: logarithmic functions and properties of logaritms test. Hw: none if all caught up
Tuesday, May 22:Log quiz 8.3 and8.4  work period. Hw: study for the log test - it is tomorrow.

Final Exam Part 1 - claculator will be written on Friday June 1, in class. YOu may want to come to class during lunch to get a headstart. Part 2 is written in the gym on Thursday, June 7 in the morning at 9:00. No calculators for part 2. You can bring your unit circle to both parts of the exam.

Friday, May 18: Solving rational equations graphically and algebraically. HW: workbook 9.3
Thursday, May 17: analyzing rational functions. HW: workbook 9.2. Textbook p 451-454 do as many questions as you can = continue with the classwork..
Wednesday, May 16: Rational functions. Hw: workbook 9.1, textbook p 442-444 #1-16do as many questions as you can
Tuesday, May 15: word problems invloing logarithms. HW: all word problems in 8.1-8.2 in the workbook. Full solutions are available at the back of the classroom.

Logarithmic test on Wednesday, May 23.

Monday, May 14: logarithmic equations. HW: 6 questions on each white handout. blue hadnout.

Monday, May 7: inverse of a logarithmic function, inverse of an exponential functions. Properies of logarithms. HW: workbook 8.3
Exponential functions and equations test on Wednesday, May 9

Friday, May 4: Transformations of a logaritmic function. HW: workbool 8.2

Log quiz (8.1 and 8.2 on Friday, May 11)
Monday, APril 30: Application of exponential functions - sicence and finance. HW:workbook 7.3 and review questions. Have them done for Friday

Thursday, April 26:work period. HW: complete assignemnt 6.4 if you have not done so. Study for the trig test. Trigonometry test (chapters 4, 5, 6) is on Wedensday (Part 1) and Thursday (Prart 2) next week.
Wednesday, APril 25: exponential equations. HW:finish the handout, do questions 7.3 in the workbook.
Tuesday, April 24: Graphing exponential functions and their transformations. Describing graphs of expontial functions. HW; ensure that all three handouts are completed and answers checked with Desmos or the answer keys provided in class.
Monday, April 23:Exponential functions - introduction. HW: rules of exponents review sheet - due for extra  (=not mandatory) marks on Tuesday.

Friday, APril 20, work period. Start on the 6.4 assignmet - it is due for marks on April 24 = Tuesday
Thrusday, APril 19: trigonometric equations. HW: 6.4 all questions in the workbook.
Wednesday, April 18: proving trig identities. HW: finish the 16 questions given in the handout. Start on workbook questions 6.3
Tuesday, April 17: work period: workbook all questions in 6.1 and 6.2
Monday, April 16: work period - simplifying trigonometric expressions using identites. HW: work on the trig assignment- due for marks on Friday, April20.

Friday, April 13: simplifying trig. expressions. Application of periodic functions. HW: finish the applications assignment - due for marks on MOnday
Thursday, April 12: Sum, difference and double-angle trig. identities. HW: textbook p 306 #1-8 full solutions due for marks on Monday. April 16.
Wednesday, April 11: Trigonometric identities - reciprocal, quotient, Pythagorean. HW: Textbook questions 6.1 #1-7 all.
Tuesday, April 10: work period. Graphing trig functions, Applications of Trig functions assignment, due for marks, Tuesday, April 17. HW: work on the assignment
Monday, April 9: Trigonometric equations introduction. HW: finish the handout and work on questions from workbook p 141-147

Friday, April 6: Application of trigonometric functions - word problems. HW: workbook 5.4 word problems only
Thursday, April 5: Graphing tanx. HW. workbook - all questions in 5.3
Wednesday,April 4: Transformations of sinsusiodal functions. Work period. HW: complete as many questions as you can in 5.1 and 5.2in the textbook.
Tuesday, April 3: Graphing sinusoidal functions and their transformations. HW:workbook p 152-166 do as many questions as you can.
Have a great spring break :)
Friday, March 16: work period. HW: none if you are all up-to-date with your work andnotes. you should have a complete understanding of 1.4-4.3
Thrusday, March 15:4.1-4.3 review questions from the textbook - all. HW: none
Wednesday, March 14: trigonometric ratios and finding the angle measure of an angle given its trig ratio. HW: finish all Your Turns on page 200 top and bottom of the page, start on the questions assigned in the handout from 4.3
Tuesday, March 13, trig quiz, polynomial test - technology part, work period. HW: workbook 4.3 all questions. Texbook p 201-203 do as many questions as possible, try each type.
Monday, March 12: reciprocal trigonometric ratios. Finding angles given the value of the trig ratio. Finding value of a trig ratio given an angle. HW: finish the yellow handout,answer key is at the back of the class.

Thursday, Marc 8: Unit circle and point on the terminal arm of an angle and the unit circle. Hw: workbook 4.2 all questions. textbook p 175-176 and p186-189 please attempt each type of a question.
Wednesday, March 7; Polynomial functions test.HW: trig questions. Workbook 4.1 all
Tuesday, March 6: review and practice polynomial functions. First, second and third difference. HW: practice assignment - may be handed in for marks tomorrow
Monday, March 5: trasformations of polynomial functions. HW: Trig questions. Finish homework from 3.1-3.4 in workbook, start working on the practice test for chapter 3 in the textbook.
Friday, March 2: Constructing the unit circle. HW: finish all questions in 3.1-3.4 in your workbook. Two handouts for the unit circle are due for marks on Tuesday.
Thursday, March 1: Graphing polynomial functions given an equation. HW: workbook all questions in 3.4 and finish questions in the handout, all except the last page. Extra assignment for polynomials due on Monday. Whenever the assignment asks for long division use synthetic division instead.
Wednesday, Feb 28: Remainder theorem, Factor theorem, Integral Zero Theorem. HW: workbook 3.2 and 3.3 do as many questions as you can.

Polynomial function test on wednesday next week.

Tuesday, Feb27: Polynomial functions. HW: 3.1 textbook questions. Do as many as you can.
Wedesday, Feb 21: Radical functions test, HW: none :)
Tuesday, Feb 20: work period, review for the test. Practice test in the textbook. HW: study for the tomorrow test.
Monday, Feb 19: solving radical equations by graphing. HW: workbook 2.3 all questions that ask from restrictions, NPVs, and solving by graphing.
Friday, Feb 16: Radical equations - algebraic approach. HW: workbook - 2.3 +Chapter review all questions that ask for solving radical equations using algebra.
Thursday, Feb 15: Unit 1 test. HW: none
Wednesday, Feb 14: Square root of a function, graphing, invariant points, domain and range. HW: prepare for the test - it is tomorrow
Tuesday, Feb 13: Radical function and its transformations. HW: complete the inverse questions at the end of the handout. You should use desmos to graph some ot the graphs.
Monday, Feb 12: work period - finish the practice test and reveiw questions for chapter 1. Test on Thursday.
Monday, Feb 5- Friday Feb 9: transformations of functions - review and practice. Focus on the practice test in the textbook. HW: Finish assignment #1 (pink) Transformations tesst on Thursday.
Thursday - Friday: Feb1 and 2: Inverse of a relation. HW: workbook 1.4 all questions.
Wednesday, January 31:transformations and application of the mapping notation.HW: finsih the 4 page handout we worked on inclass. Check your answer with the answer key provided at the back of the classroom.
Tuesday, January 30: transformations of functions - mapping notation and combinations of functions. HW: workbook 1.2, 1.2 and 1.3 all practice problems due next Friday. You will be given some class time next week but start on the questions now. ALso, fill in the first 4 columns in the handout and be ready to discuss your answers tomorrow.
Monday, January 29: absolute value functions and reciprocal functions. HW: Finish your turn given inclass. Check your answers with the answer key posted at the back of the classroom.
Friday, January 26: Quiz, absolute value function and piece-wise definition of a function. HW: completing the square all types of factoring - review sheets.
Thrusday, January 25: Review factoring by grouping, solving quadratics by completing the square. HW: review notes and relations booklet for the quiz. Quiz on Friday - anyting in the notes and booklet except the absolute value and reciprocal function.
Wednesday, January 24: Quiz #1, Review PC 11 and PC 10 functions. Hw: practice factoring by grouping , completing the square, finding the x and y intercepts.
Tuesday, January 23: Basic relations, domain and range using a set or interval notation. HW: study for the quiz. Quiz tomorrow.
Monday, January 22: Welcome in Pre-Calculus 12. Review function and relations, domain and range. Have the course outline signed and hand it in together with your answers to the one-page questionnaire. Due on Friday.
Pre-calc 12 outline.docx

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