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Congratulations ! Have a lovely summer :)

Monday, May 28: work period. Cosine law quiz tomorrow. HW: practice cosine law. Work your way through questions in the checklist.

Friday, May 25: work period, sine law quiz. HW: cosine law questions assigned yesterday. Make sure to go over the items in the final exam review checklist.
Thursday, May 24: Cosine Law. HW: white booklet p 19-25 #1, a,b, #2 a, b, #3 and 4 - for sure, #5-10 if you can.

sine law quiz on Friday

Wednesday, May 23: Sine Law: Hw: white booklet p 13-17, #1 a,b, #2, a,c, #3 a,c, #4, #9Take home quiz is due on Friday - no grace period !!!!
Tuesday, May 22: Special triangles and values of trig ratios given a point on the terminal arm. HW: white booklet p 2, #1,2, p 3 #2, #3, p 4  #4#1, p5#2 and 3, p 7, #4 c, d, f

Final Exam will be in class. Part 1 on Wednesday, May 30. Part 2 on Friday June 1.
Friday,May 18: Trigonometry intro and new defintions. HW: white booklet p 1,2 #1-3
Thursday, May 17: Absolute value and reciprocal functions test. HW: none
Wednesday, May 16: Work period - absolute value equations and reciprocal functions quiz. HW: study for the test using your notes and the review checklist.
Tuesday, May 15: using technology to graph reciprocal functions. Hw: finish the 3 questions per exercise in the green booklet. Answer fully exercise #4 and5.
Monday,May 14: Graphing and describing a reciprocalfunction. HW: yellow handout.

Tuesday, May 8: Absolute value equations. HW: blue booklet, p 6- 11, #1 a, b, #2, all #3 a, e, #5 b,d
Monday,May 7: Absolute value function.HW:  blue booklet questions p 1-6. Do as many questions as you can.
Friday, May 4: sequences and series test. Hw: finish the extra assignments from sequences and series.
Thursday, May 3: sequences and series test + school-wide presentation, Hw: study for the test
Wednesday, May 2: Work period, review before the test.
Tuesday, May 1: infinite series. Hw: yellow handout
Monday, APril 30: Gometric series. HW: pink booklet p 15-19 #1 c, i, j, #2, 4, 5
Sequence and Series test on Thursday

Thursday, April 26: Geometric sequences. HW: pink booklet p 11-14, #1 all, #2 a,e,i, #3 a, h, l, #5, 6, 7
Wednesday, April 25: Arithmetic series. HW: pink booklet questions.
Tuesday, April 24; Inequalities and equations test HW:none
Monday,April 23: Work period - review for the test. HW: study for the test.

Friday,April 20. Arithmetic Sequences. HW: pink booklet. p1-6
Thrusday, April 19: solving systems of equations.  HW: yellow booklet - quadratic-quadratic and quadratic-linear system questions.
Wednesday, April 18: Quadratic inequalities in two variables. HW: p 4-8 do at least 2 questions from each type #1-8, Also, fully complete one fo the trhee assignments from Tuesday, one of your choice is mandatory to be turned in for marks. Due date on Tuesday - test day.

System of equations and inequalities test on Tuesday, April 24
Tuesday, APril 17: work period - linear and quadratic inequalities. HW: continue your work on the three handouts.
Monday, April 16: linear and quadratic inequalities. HW: yellow booklet. p2-6  all questins except #4 on p 6

Friday,April 13: parabola quiz. The Story of Math movie. HW: read over inequality notes and review graphing and solving inequalities in one variable.
Thursday, April 12: Quadratic equations test. HW: none
Wednesday, April 11: work period - word problems involving quadratic equations. HW: finish as many extra assignments as you can, due for extra marks on the test day = tomorrow.
Tuesday, April 10: work period - solving quadratic equations using different methods. Start review for the Thursday test - fill in the review checklist. HW: study quadratic eqations and the discriminant.
Monday, April 9: Linear inequalities in one and two variables. HW: review and practice graphing lines given an equation either in slope-intercept form or a standard form. Also review graphing inequalities on a number line.
Friday, April 6: Discriminant, quadratic equations, nature of roots. HW: finish the Discriminant handout.
Thursday, April 5: Solving quadratic equations by factoring, word problems involving quadratic equations. HW: work on the extra assignment.
Wednesday, April 4: Solving quadratic equations using the quadratic formula. Hw:finish the green handout - it canbe turned in for additional marks.
Tuesday, April 3: SOlving quadrtatic equations. Square root principle. HW: finish the yeallow assignment - it is possible to turn it in for extra marks.

Have a great spring break :)
Friday, March 16: work period. HW: none if you are all up-to-date with your work andnotes.
Thrusday, March 15: quadratic function test. HW: none

Wednesday, March 14: quadratic function review and quiz. HW: study for the test.
Quadratic function test on Thursday.

Tuesday, March 13: application of quadratic functions, word problems. HW: study for the test using the review chart, pink booklet p 16-18#9-14
Monday, March 12: Completing the square, different types of quadratic equations. HW:pink booklet p 12-15

Thursday, March 8: Rational expressions test. Hw: none if you are all caught up with questions in the pink booklet.
Wednesday, March 7: Work period - review of rational expressions and equations. HW: study for the test.
Tuesday, March 6: Determining the equation of a parabola given points on a graph or congurency. Hw: Pink booklet p 9-11 all questions.
Rational expressions test on Thursday !
Monday, March 5: Vertical stretch of a quadratic function. HW: pink booklet p 5-9 all questions. Skipe x- andy-intercept questions if you cannot read them off the graph.
Friday, March 2: RAtional expressions quiz. Translations of quadratic functions. HW: pink booklet p 1-4 all questions. If finding exact values for x- and y-intercepts requiared algebra, you can leave that portion of the exercise empty. Fill it in for all the intercepts you can read off the graph. Graph all.
Thrusday, March 1: Graphing quadratic functions and their transformations.
Wednesday, Feb 28. Relations and functions. Rational expressions quiz.HW: read the notes and review Grade 10 knowledge.
Tuesday, Feb 27: Word problems involving rational equations, graphing quadratic expressions to solve word problems. HW: finish the 30-mark assignment, quiz tomorrow -identifying ratinal expressions, factorig and simplifying, NPVs, restrictions
Wednesday, Feb 21: word problems involving rational equations. Hw: 30 mark assignment #1-4, green booklet p 22-23 #4-7
Tuesday, Feb 20: Rational expressions quiz. Work period. HW: work on the extra assignments, expecially the pink one.
Monday, Feb 19: Rational equations. HW: green bookletp16-21 - do as many questions as you can.
Friday,Feb 16: Work period - work on simplifying rational expressions, adding and subtracting rational expressions, and multiplying and dividing rational expressions assignments for extra marks - due on the test day.
Thrusday, Feb 15: Multiplying and dividing rational expressions. HW: green booklet, p 5-10, 2 questions from each exercise.
Wednesday, Feb14: Adding and subtracting rational expressions: HW: green booklet p1-5 do questions that require your understanding of today's notes. p 10-106do 2 questions per each exercise on adding and subtracting rational expressions starts at the bottom of the page 10.
Tuesday,Feb 13: Rational expressions - definition, properties, restrictions and NPVs, simplifying rational expressions.
Monday, Feb 12: work period. Hw: none
Monday Feb 5- Friday Feb 9: Review of factoring, polynomials - properties and vocabulary. HW: none if you finished, marked and corrected the two factoring worksheets - due for marks on Monday.
The story of Math - documentary.
Friday, Feb 2: radical expressions test. HW: none
Thursday, Feb1: work period HW: study for the test.
Wednesday, January 31: radical quiz. work period. HW: study for the test.
Tuesday, January 30: Radical equations. HW
Monday, January 29: Dividing Radicals and Rationalizing radicals. HW: yellow booklet p 9-12 #1, 2 all, #3 a, c, g, h, #4 a,c,d,#5.
Friday, January 26:Multiplying radicals. Hw: yellow booklet p 7-9 #1 h, i, #2 d. Work on the pink extra assignment.

Radical quiz on Tuesday, Radical Test on Thursday.
Thursday, January 25: Adding and subtracting radicals. HW: yellow booklet finish #1-5 p 5-7. Work on the blue extra assignment.
Wednesday, January 24: Simplifying radical expressions continued. A work period. HW: workon the white extra assignment - due on the test day.
Tuesday, January 23: Radical expressions. Non-permissible values, restrictions, determining when a radical is defined or undefined. HW: yellow booklet p 3-4 #2, 3 and 4. Remember to reveiw the laws of exponents.
Monday, January 22: Welcome in Pre-calc 11: Review real number system. Hw: refresh your knowledge of factoring. Please have the course outline filled in and signed. Hand in by Friday.

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