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Physics 12
Pre-Calculus 12 S2
Pre-Calculus 11 S2
Congratulations ! Have a lovely summer :)

Monday,May 28: Separable differential equations. HW: finsih the green worksheet.

Friday, May 25: Work period. HW:practice integration by parts and by substitution.
Thursday, May 17: no class - cap$gown rehersal. HW: have fun and be safe
Wednesday, May 16: Rules of integrations. HW: practice power rule, trig functions and1/x dx rules.
Tuesday, May 15: The fundamental theorem of calculus, integration rules. HW: finish all the integration handouts, check your answers.
Monday, May 14: project - John Nash. HW: work on the project, due on Wednesday, next week.No extension is possible for this project.
Monday, May 7: related rates, optimazation. Hwp 226-232, dark blue questions odd only, do at least 12 questions. p 251-254, odd only,do at least 12 questions.

Friday, May 4: Curve sketching based on the first andsecond derivative test. HW: study for thequiz postponed to Next week Friday.
Monday, Tuesday, April 23-24: Applications of derivatives - practising finding local extrema. Critical point definition, The first derivative test. HW: p215 #1-6 all,do corrections for the last two quizzes.
Friday, April 20: Implicit differentiation quiz. The Music of Primes move. HW: none if you have completed all assignments.
Thursday, April 19: Derivative quiz. Applications of derivatives - local and global extrema. HW. 193-194 #1=10 all
Monday - Wednesday: April 16-18, presentations, work period - rates of change and instantaneous rate of change  due for marks on Friday.

Friday, April 13: Implicit differentiation continued.
Thursday, April 12:work period, practice 3.6, 3.7,3.8, and 3.9
Wednesday, April 11: derivatives of exponential functions and derivatives of parametric curves. HW: tangent questions p 153 #41-48 all
Tuesday, April 10: project wrap-up - library. Projects to be presented next week. HW: continue on practising the chain rule and implicit differentiation.
Monday, April 9: Work period: practising implicit differentiation. HW: continue with textbook questions 3.7.

Friday,April6:Implicit differentiation. HW: odd questions p 162-163.
Thursday, April 5: work period - practising the chain rule. HW: p 153-154 all even questions. Skip #41-48 and any other functions defined parametrically, we will do examples on Monday in class.
Wednesday, April 4: The Chain Rule. HW: p 153 odd questions. #1-48

Tuesday, April 3: Derivatives of logarithmic functions. HW: finish the yellow and white handouts, answers are provided at the back of the classroom.
Have a great spring break :)

Friday,March 16: Rates of change. work period : Hw: p 135-137 do as many questions as you can.
Thursday, March 15: Derivatives of trig functions. HW: 3.5 do as many questions as yo u can.
Presentations will take place in April 16-18.
Wednesday, March 14: Rates of change in physics and economics. tangent and normal line quilz. HW: practice derivative rules.
Tuesday, March 13: work period, practice quotient rule, horizontal tangents. HW: continue with questions on p124-125 do as many as you can.
Monday, March 12: Second and Higher derivatives. The quotient rule. HW: p 124 do as many questions as you can, focus on #7-12. Finish the pink handout, check asnwers at the back. Simplify all final answer as much as possible.

Thursday, March 8: Product Rule.Hw:finish the handout, check your answers.
Wednesday, March 7: one sided derivatives. HW: 3.1 questions beyond #18 and p 124  # 1-12 all
Tuesday, March 6: Tangent and normal lines quiz. HW:3.1 questions 1-18, make sure you completed questions from 2.4
Monday, March 5: Introduction and definition of a derivative. HW:p 105-106 #1-18, odd questions first, all questions form matching graphs.
Friday, March 2: limits and continuity quiz. Finishing 2.4 questions. HW: none if 2.4 all questions are done.
Thursday, March 1: limits and continuity assignment - evaluating limits by graphing.
Wednesday, Feb 28: limits and continuity quiz. continue with 2.4 - even questions too.
Tuesday, Feb 27: Work period = evaluating limits. HW: continue with questions in textbook 2.4 do as many as you can. Odd ones only.
Wednesday, Feb 21: rate of change, equations of a tangent and normal lines. HW: textbook questions for 2.4 Do as many as you can.
Tuesday, Feb 20: limit quiz #1, rate of change - average and instantaneous. HW: finish the limit assignment due tomorrow.
Monday, Feb 19: The Intermediate Value Theorem. HW: odd questions p 84-86 #1-10 and 19-63 darkblue questions only
Friday, Feb 16: removable discontinuity, indeteminate forms, limit of a function composition. HW: work on the limits and continuity assignment. Due on Wednesday.
Thursday, Feb 15: Continuity. HW: p 84-85, light blue questions - all, p #11-18 all, #25-30 all
Wednesday, Feb 14: Limits and infinity. copy definitionnp 74, questions p 75-77 odd numbers only.
Tuesday, Feb 13: no class - grad retreat. Hw: work on your grad transitions
Monday, Feb 12: work period. HW: continue with all the previously assigned questions.
Monday. Feb 5-Friday Feb 9: practice - evaluating limits by substitution, graphing and analytically. HW: continue with the textbook questions from 2.1 and reveiw of unit 1
Friday, Feb. 2: Evaluating limints. Sandwich Theorem. HW: continue your work on limits handout all questions except when x goes to infinity.
Thursday, Feb. 1: properties of limits, evaluating of limits by substitution. HW: p 65-66 all questions up to and including #28. use algebra first and check your answers by graphing.
Wednesday, January 31: Rigorous definition of a limit,  finding a limit given a graph or an equation.
Tuesday, January 30: Continuity and Limits, types of discontinuity,definition of a limit.
Monday, January 29: trigonometric functions and their graphs. HW: finish the booklet given in class.
Friday, January 26: Parametric equations and curves. Parametrization of a curve. HW: p 34 #1-4 (dark blue), p 34-35 #5-22 all. Remember that we have a solution manual in class that provides you with full solutions for all questions.

Thursday, January 25: One-to-One functions, logarithmic function, inverse of a function. HW; o 20-21 #51,53, 57-72 odd only, read p25 about number e. p 28-29 #41-48 and 1-4 all.
Wednesday, January 24: composition of functions continued, exponential function review. HW: finish P 26-27 #1-10 and #1-18 odd Qs, #21, 24, 25, 29, 31.
Tuesday, January 23: Odd and even functions continued, piece-wise definition of a function, intervals and interval notation, composite functions. Hw: p9 #1-24, p10 #37,39, 43,p 19-20 #1-49. Always do only odd numbered questions unless asked otherwise.
Monday January 22: Welcome in Calculus 12. Review domain, range, relations and functions, equation of a line and introduction to odd and even function. HW: have the course outline signed and answer questions attached to the course outline. Due on Friday.
Calculus 12 outline.docx

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