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Septmeber 3: Real number system review. Laws of exponents review. Negative exponents and rational exponents laws.

FMPC10 pink exponent sheet.pdfFMPC10 Integral Exponents notes and examples blank.pdf

Classification of numbers flow chart:
Classification of Numbers.pdf

To do:
1. Redraw the flow chart for number classification - the one you took a picture of in class. If you have not taken a picture and talked to me about needing a hard copy of the flow chart, skip this item on the "To do" list for now.
2. Complete the pink handout and check your answers here:

FMPC10 Answers for pink exponent sheet.pdf
3. Coplete the second page of the note package: 1. Simplify. Check your answers here.
FMPC10 Integral exponents notes and examples.pdf
4. Create cue cards that summarize the laws of exponents. Have one cue card for each law. Use the chart given on the first page of the package 4.2 Integral Exponents KEY IDEAS
FMPC10 4.2 Integral Exponents Key Ideas.pdf
5. Copy the Examples a),b) and c) from the package 4.2 Integral Exponents KEY IDEAS that are given on page 66 and explained on page 66 and 67. Copy both methods for each example and observe the differences. Use a calculator for the evaluation part in a) and c). Always evaluate AFTER simplifying. These examples have to be part of your notes.
6. E-mail me if you need clarification of help.

September 1: Real number system and prime factorization quiz. Using prime factorization to determine the greatest common factor (GCF).

To do:
1. Ensure that you are all caught up making cue cards assigned earlier. Orgnize your cue cards - you will need them later.
2. Finish examples in the Prime Factorization - theorem and applications handout (portion D). Use the answer key given below to check your work.
3. Practice more using the white handout given in class (Finding LCM and GCF). If you would like to earn marks on this assignment you can hand it in on Thursday. You can check your answers here: You need to show all work to earn marks for this.
FMPC10 lcm and gcf answers.pdf

4. Mandatory Assignment - given in class in green (Finding LCM and GCF). This assignment is due for marks on Thursday.
A copy of the mandatory assignment can be found here:
FMPC10 Finding LCM and GCF green.pdf
5. On a separate sheet of paper you can give a detailed solution to the puzzle on top of the green handout ("How many squares in this picture?") A correct, organized and well-explained solution will earn you marks in a problem-solving category.

August 28: Prime Factorization continued - Theorem and appications.
The blank note package can be found here:

FMPC10 Prime Factorization - theorme and applications.pdf

Answers to the note package can be found here:

FMPC10 Prime Factorization - theorem and applications Answers.pdf

To do:

1. Ensure that the first 8 pages of the note package are completed. Use the anwers posted above to check your work.
2. E-mail me if you have questions or need more help.
3. Create cue cards: 1 cue card with square numbers from 0 to 400 , 1 cue card with cube numbers from 0 to 3375
and 1 cue card with the definition of the least common multiple (you can google, but it is always best to reword what you find on the internet in such a way that you fully understand the definition and can remember its meaning).
4. Study using your notes and cue cards. There will be a quiz next week on Real number system and on Prime factorization with applications. You will be allowed to use your cue cards during the quiz.

August 26: Quiz on Math 9 topics. Prime numbers and Prime Factorazition - notes, definitions and examples.
To do:
1. Finish the practice questions for primefactorization given in class. Check your answers here: FMPC10 Prime Factorization practice answers.pdf
2. Make sure you are all caught up with work assigned on Thursday last week and on Monday.
3. E-mail me if you are having difficulties with a question ofr a concept.

August 24: Real number system: definitions, notes, symbols and properties of numbers.

Real Number System .pdf

To do:
1. Read your notes and create cue cards that summarize the properties of sets of numbers discussed in class. Every cue card should have the symbol used for the group of numbers, defintion or description of the properties of the numbers, and several examples.
2. Answer the questions in the practice assignment. This assignment is not to be handed in.

FMPC 10 Real number system practice.docx

3. E-mail me or Ms.Rushton if you need assistance.
4. Complete your work on the math 9 review booklet and check your answers using the answer key provided below. Make sure to ask about anything in the booklet that is too dificult or unclear.
5. Bring the signed course outline on Wednesday if you have not already handed in.
August 20: Course outline and expectations. Keeping ourselves safe.FMPC 10 course outline.docx

To do:
1. Read and explain the course outline to your parent or guardian. Sign the outline and have them sign it. Ask you parent or guardian to leave me a note in the space provided if they have information important for me.
2. Answer the questions attached to the course outline.
3. Look at every question in the Math 9 review booklet. Answer any 2 questions on every page of the booklet. Check your answers using the answer key provided below. Highlight questions that seem too dificult or look foreign to you, so we can talk about those in class on Monday.
4. Ask questions through e-mail if you do not understand something.
5. Have a conversation with your parent(s) or guardian(s) to determine that this math course is the right one for you. If you feel that you need to switch to Workplace Math 10 course, please talk to Mr.Hale.
1-5 have to be accomplished by for Monday morning so we can start learning and reviewing.
Math 9 review booklet answer key:

AK for M9 review booklet.pdf
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