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Physics 11
September 3: Non-Permissible values - definition and examples.
Classification of numbers flow chart for those who might find it helpful.
Classification of Numbers.pdf
To do:
1. Complete all the examples in the INEQUALITIES note package, check your work using the updated answer key given below.
2. Complete the Simplifying radicals assignment given as a hard copy in class. This assignment is due for marks next Thursday, September 10. Use the answer key to correct your work. You have to show some steps for each question to earn full marks.
3. If you are unsure about anything, please e-mail me.

Answers for Simplifying Radicals:
PC11 Simplifying Radicals answers.pdf

September 1: Restrictions on a variable - definition and examples.

To do:
1. Finish example 3 in the INEQUALITIES handout, leave out the last (bottom right) for class.
2. Ensure you have all cue cards assigned last week done and organized.
3. Create a cue card for each type of a question:
  • determine when a radical is defined
  • determine when a radical is undefined
  • determine the restriction(s) on a variable or on variables
4. Work on the two handouts : Properties of Exponents and More properties of Exponents given in class (both white).
Check your answers with the answer keys (this document contains all 4 pages) provided here:PC11 exponent practice 2 copy.pdf

August 28: Inequalities - review and practice. Simplifying radicals and application of radicals to word problems (pink booklet #3 and 4)

To do:
1. Answer questions in Example 1 and Example 2 in the Inequalites booklet.
Inequality booklet given in class:
PC 11 Inequalities review and practice.pdf

Answers for the Inequalities notes:
PC 11 INEQUALITIES answers.pdf

2. Create  a cue card that summarizes numbers that are powers of 2 (from 1 to 1024) and a cue card for cube numbers from 0 to 3375.
3. Create a cue card for each exponent law, include an example with each law. Use the Pre-Calc 10 booklet given in class to help you with those
4. Work on questions from the white booklet that reveiws the laws of exponents (Exponents and Multiplication on p1)
5. Check your answers to the white exponent booklet here:
PC11 exponents practice booklet answers.pdf
6. If you feel you need more practice with inequalities and their graphing, you can find more worksheets here. If you want a hard copy of those, e-mail me and I will have them ready for you on Tuesday.
PC 11 linear inequalites review.pdfPC 11 Inequalities review answers.pdf

PC11 graphing linear inequalities.pdfPC 11 Graphing inear inequalities answers.pdf

Answers for Simplifying radicals (white):

Lesson Three Simplifying Radicals answers.pdf
August 26: Unit #1: Radicals
  • introduction to radicals, definitions and vocabulary. Mixed and entire radicals, determning when a radical is defined and when it is undefined.  
To do:
1. Make sure you are all cought up with the work assigned on Thursday and Monday! This is very important. Keep creating cue cards
2. In the pink booklet finish questions1-4 on p3-4 . Check your answers here:

Unit 1 answers.pdf
careful with answers for #3, the key is wrong. The correct answers for 3a) x is less than zero, 3b) never undefined, 3c) x is greater than zero

3. Lesson Three - Simpligying Radicals assignment, given in class as a hard copy that includes an answer key. This assignment has to be completed before you come to class on Friday, so you can ask questions about anything you may have found difficult.
4. Create a cue card that contains first 10 cube numbers. Create a cue card for radicals: defined/undefined as suggested in class.

August 24: Real number system: notes, definitions, notation, and vocabulary related to real numbers.
Real Number System .pdf
To do:
1. Read your notes and create cue cards for the sets of numbers discussed in class. Every cue card should include notation and definition/description of the numbers and several examples.
2. Answer questions from the practice assignment - this assignment does not have to be printed out. It is not to be handed it.
PC 11 real number system practice.docx
3. Create a cue card that lists perfect square numbers from 0 to 400
4. Create a cue card that lists prime numbers between 0 and 100.
5. Finish the practice exam and check your answers using the provided answer key if you have not done so.
6. Have the course outline signed and hand it in on Wednesday, please.
7. Review the laws of exponents you learned in grade 9 and 10.
8. E-mail me if you need help with any of the math questions.
9. Have questions ready for Wednesday so you can ask for clarification in class.

August 20: Curse ouline and expectations. Keeping ourselves save: Covid rules and expectations.
To do:
1. Read and explain the course outline to your parent or guardian. Sign the outline and have them sign it. Ask you parent or guardian to leave me a note in the space provided if they have information important for me.
2. Answer the questions attached to the course outline.
3. Do the practice math 10 final exam. Attempt every question. Self correct your work using the answer key that will be posted shortly.
AK for the practice exam:

PC10 exam answer key.pdf

4. Ask questions through e-mail if you do not understand something.
5. Have a conversation with your parent(s) or guardian(s) to determine that this math course is the right one for you. If you feel that you need to switch to Foundations 11 course, please talk to Mr.Hale.
1-5 have to be accomplished by for Monday morning so we can start learning and reviewing.

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