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September 4: Review of math for physics: In-Class Assignment and Motion in Two Dimensions - vectors.
In-class assingment is due for marks on Wednesday, September 9 - no grace period, no late submissions as you had an entire class to work on itP11 Math for Physics in class.docx.

September 2: Kinematics equations continued. Math for Physics III continued : vector addition graphical and algebraid method. Vector decomposition.
To do:
1. Complete the one sheet assignment (10 marks) given in class. This assignment is due for marks on Friday, September4.
P11 Vectors and Kinematics Equations1.pdf
Please note that there is a typo in one of my equations. It should read vf^2=vi^2+2ad. So the second equal sign is supposed to be a plus sign.
2. Start working on the "Montion in Two Dimensions - Vectors" handout. This handout has to be completed for September 9.

P11 Motion in Two Dimensions Vectors handout.pdf
3. Self-correct the "Montion in Two Dimensions - Vectors" handout using these answers:

P11 Motion in two dimensions vectors answers.pdf

August 31: Math for physics III - learning more about vectors, vector notation, calculating magnitude and direction of a vector,
expressing direction in different ways, drawing vectors in a coordianate system. The most important kinematics equations - green hanout.

To do:
1. Some of you have not turned in the conversion of units assignment. It was due today, make sure it comes to me no later than Wednesday if at all possible. Should you need extension on this assignment, e-mail me with your reasons.
2. Read the vector notes in the yellow package. Read the notes on physical quantities.
3. Complete the green handout: Finding Equations. Select the equation (formula), rearrange the formula if necessary, substitute in the numbers, use a calculator to solve. Final answer should be rounded to the justified number of sd (never give more significant digits than you were given at the beginning of the question) and include units.  
4. E-mail me with any questions.
Blank handout is here:P11 Finding equations handout.pdfIt was given in class in green.

Answers to the green handout are here:P11 Finding equations answers.pdf

August 27: Math for physics - conversion of units continued. Converting units that are squared, cubed or composed of 2 units. Math for Physics III - vector quantities - introduction to vector notation and vocabulary.

To do:
1. Make sure you complete the Unit conversions assignment (given as a hard copy in class on Tuesday, given as a pdf below). Due for marks on Monday. You will be allowed one set of corrections if you turn in your completed assignments on time.

2. Important notes:

P11 Physical Quantities.docx
 Copy or print out the notes. Read the notes and if you find something unclear, e-mail me your questions before Friday.

August 25: Math for physics I and II: conversion of units, prefixes of units - their meaning and symbols, rounding, scientific notation, significant digits. Isolating for an unknown from a given equation.
To do:
1. Complete the hanout: Math for physics I and check your answers here: Math for physics I.pdf
2. Complete the handout: Math for physics II using these notes: Math for Physics II.pdf
3. Start working on the conversion of units assignment. This assignment will be due on Monday, August 31.

P11 conversion of units assignment.pdf

August 21: Course outline: Expectations and rules.P 11 Course outline.docx. Covid Rules - keeping ourselves safe.
  • What is physics? Class discusion and a definion of physics.
To do:
1. Read and explain the course outline to your parent or guardian. Sign the outline and have them sign it. Ask you parent or guardian to leave me a note in the space provided if they have information important for me.
2. Answer the questions attached to the course outline.
3 Ask questions through e-mail if you do not understand something.
4. Refresh your math skills: Pythagorean theorem, Trigonometric ratios, Linear equaitons with and without fractions. Isolating for a variable from an equation, Units of measurement.
If you need some math help visit: or www.
1-4 have to be accomplished by for Monday morning so we can start learning and reviewing.

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