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Welcome to Law 12, I hope you have been enjoying class so far, I know I have.

Friday, Feb. 12th-  We completed chapter 1 and wrote and open book review assignment.  We have moved quickly through chapter 1 and students are doing well and appear to be enjoying the course so far.

Parents, the assignments for this chapter have been completed in class with my support, so there was no homework assigned.  Students were however given the outline for their semester assignment- A Current Events Legal Scrapbook.  Please have a peek at this with your student.

I will be away next week (Feb. 15-19), but will try to update the homework page as often as I can.  

We will begin Chapetr 2 on Monday, Feb. 15th

STUDENTS:  I you have not handed in your chapter 1 review assignment it will be due on Tuesday, Feb. 16th.

Tuesday, Feb. 16th-  It was great to be back in class with you today.  Just a reminder that if you haven't handed in your Chapter 1 Key Terms sheet and your Chapter 1 Review Assignment/Open book test, you need to get those in to me.

The classwork/homework assigned today is to complete questions 2,3,5 & 6 on page 47.

Don't forget tomorrow you will be in the computer lab (rm 125) to research fory our Current Events scrapbook.  There will be a sub with you, so remember to bring your envelopes and when you print an article record the date and the site you used.

Wednesday, Feb. 17th-  Our class met in the computer lab today to do research for your current events scrapbooks.  There was a substitute teacher with the class today.

Mon. Feb. 22-  Today the student used the period as somewhat of a 'catch up " period to complete all the assigned questions and activities for the chapter 2 readings.  I was away for most of lst week and the material was covered with a sub.  Students were also given the opportunity to collect high profile internet/ media releases for their scrapbooks.  

Tues. Feb 23-  Today we tied up some loose ends for chapter 2.  The questions to review for the "Spot Check" quiz were put n the board to be copied and the quiz was assigned for Thursday, Feb. 25th.  
We discussed the Keegstra Case on pgs. 52-53 and questions 1-5 were assigned for this case.  
We read/discussed the "Rioat Act" on page 52 as well as the casestudy of National Security on pages 62-63.

QUIZ on chapter 2 will be Thursday, Feb. 25th.  You will need to know the four questions copied from the board today.  If you missed this, come see me.

Thursday, Feb 25th-   Today grade 11 students completed course selection.  We also wrote out Chp. 2 Spot Check Quiz as well as completed the Key Terms Vocabulary sheet for chp. 2.

Mon. Feb 29th-  Today in class students wrote the chapter 2 "Spot Check" quiz and completed and handed in any overdue work in preparation for Parent -Teacher Interviews.  Please continue to hand in any overdue work so I can mark it and give you credit for your hard work.  We also went over the Keegstra case and an answer key was provided for this case.  (It is hanging on the back wall if you missed it.)  We began Chp. 4 Criminal Law and a chapter summary page was handed out and discussed.  (This is also posted on the back wall of the classroom.)

March 2-  Video Presentation "It's A Free Country".  We finished the chapter 4 readings up to page 105 and questions 1-5 were assigned on page 105.  We also corrected these together.

March 3-  Video presentation- Documentary of a Serial Killer.  Have a wonderful spring break.

March 21-  Welcome back!  Today we reviewed the questions on pages 105, 106 & 107.  There were also two handouts on the elememts of a crime and types of offences handed out.  They are hanging on the back wall of the  classroom. (Please pick them up if you were absent.)  We also read/discussed pags 108-113.  Questions 1-9 on pag 113 will be assigned tomorrow.

March 24th-  Today we finished the questions assigned for pages 115 & 118 and watch Forensic Files.  Tuesday of next week we will be completing the Chp. 4 Review of Key Terms sheet as well as a study guide for the chapter 4 test which will be held on Thursday, March 31st.

MARCH 29th-   Today students completed the chapter 4 key terms sheet and worked on the chapter 4 study guide for the chapter 4 test on Thursday, March 31st.

April 1st-  Today we began chater 5 The Criminal Code.  Summary notes for the chapter were distributed and we had a great class discussion as we went over the notes.  Please see me for a copy.  Also, if you missed the chapter 4 test on Thursday, please see me to make arrangements to write it.  Have a great weekend!!

April 4th-  Today we read pages 126-133 in Chapter 5 and I assigned questions 1-7 on page 141.  We will continue with these readings and questions tomorrow.

April 5th-  Today we finished the readings up to page 141 and questions 8-13 were assigned on page  142.  Marks printouts were handed out.  For the remainder of the week April 6-8, we will be watching the video of the Capture of the Green River Killer.  This video focuses on cold cases and the evolution of science.

April6-8-  Video presentation:  The Capture of the Green River Killer.  Please be here for this video.

April 12th- Today we read  and discussed pages 149-152.  Page 152, questions 1-4 were assigned. Newspapers were handed out to take home for Scrapbook projects.

April 14th-  Today we completed the readings and assignments for Chapter 5.  Questions 1-3 on page 154 were assigned.  We also reviewed the Latimer, Godin, and Sullivan cases.  Rubrics were handed out for the scrapbook project.

April 20th-  Forensic Files

April 21-  Today we began chapter seven, Bringing The Accused ToTrial.  We read/discussed pages 190-193.  Questions 1-7 on page 193 were assigned and completed in class.

April 26th-  Today we read/discussed detention vs. arrest as well as the rights and responsibilites of the police as well as the suspect/accused.  The following questions were assigned to correspond with these readings:  Pg. 194 questions 1-3 and Pg. 196 questions 2-5.We will review these questions tomorrow.

April 27th-  Today we read and discussed the sections on Search Warrents.  The following questions were assigned and worked on in class:  Pg. 199- Ques. 1-6 & Pg 202 Ques. 1-8.  There will be a bit of class time to complete these tomorrow and then we will move on to complete the chapter.

MAY 5th

**My apologies for not having this page updated over the last few days.  I have been away and the sustitute teachers can not access it.**

Here are a list of the assignments that need to be handed in:
- Central Park 5 Video Reflection Activity
-Chp. 7 Review of Key Terms
-Chp. 7 Review Assignment

Chapter 8 -  Read pages 216-220
               -Complete questions 1-7

May 6th-  Today we read and discussed Jury Selection .  Pgs. 216-220.  Questions 1-7 on page 225 were assigned as classwork.  Scrapbooks are due Monday, May 16th!!!

May 9th-  Today were read/discussed pages 225-230, "The Presentation of Evidence."  I assigned questions 1-10 on page 235 and students were given class time to work on these.  REMINDER- Scrapbooks are due Monday, May 16th!!!

May 13th-  Today we completed the readings/discussions for Chapter 8.  There were no questions assigned, but the Rev. Of Key Terms shet was distributed and worked on in class.  Don't forget your scrapbooks are due on Monday!!!

May 24th-  Today we began Chapter 9 From Sentencing to Release.  We read/discussed pgs, 252-255 and questions 1-8 on page 255 were assigned and corrected.

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