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Nov 18 - 22
We have a list of Australian vocabulary words that we have been studying.
There will be a quiz on Wednesday, regarding these words.

Today we also started with some literary terms and definitions.
Students learned about alliteration, antagonist, character foil and conflict.

Chapter questions that were due last week are chapters 1 and 2, 3 and 4.
Chapter questions 5 and 6 will be due by the end of Tuesday's class :)

Chapter Three.docx

November 12 Today we started a new Novel

Tomorrow When the War Began is a fictional story of a group of friends,
who head to the Australian Bush, to go camping.
Their lives are never the same.

Today, students copied from the board, vocabulary words, and their meanings;
billy, blokes, budgie, bush, carpark, Charolais, chooks, coolroom, dinking.

There will be a quiz on Friday for these words, and more.

Students also heard Chapter 1 and a part of Chapter 2 being read to them.
They watched a movie trailer about the plot and the characters.

Tuesday, students will answer chapter 1 and 2 questions and hand them in.

TWTWB, Ch 1-2.docx

November 4 -7
During this short week, students have listened to a guest speaker
share his knowledge about WWI and WWII.
Students watched two short videos, one, on the history of Remembrance Day
and one, on the origins of the Poppy as a symbol for Remebrance Day.
Students were then asked to imagine that they were a soldier or a medic
in a war-torn area and to draft a letter home.

The three paragraph letter is due Thurs, Nov. 7th.

Letter Home.docx

October 4

Yesterday we started an introduction to Memoir writing.
We did a basic survey about ourselves.
Students are to write an aspect of their lives in three
distict paragraphs.

Grade 8 MEMOIR.docx

October 4
Students have been working on a Poetry Unit for two weeks.
Their booklets were due today.

Students were taught one form of writing per class and had
the entire class to finish each poem.

Descriptive hand-outs for each poem are available in the classroom.
Students must attend to hear the instruction and get the hand-out
and assistance.

Color Poem
List Poem
Shape Poem
Found Poem
Art Poem
Found Title Poem
Love Poem (5-6 lines about something / someone
               you love, rhyme or not)
Rap - listening and viewing and sharing - do not have to write one

August 22 - 24
Students to write a multi paragraph, one page, description explaining three things about themselves.
One paragraph as an introduction, three about themselves.

3-D Name. Students to draw and color, using vanishing point perspective, their first name on a
8.5" x 14" sheet of paper, neatly done, and colored.

Freak the Might Novel Study
Students have received a booklet of questions and activities to do, relating to the novel.
Chapter Question #1, 2, and #3 have been completed in class and handed in

Students followed the teacher readings up to Chapter nine and have answered questions in
their booklet up to Chapter 7.

Tuesday September 3rd
Family Tree Lesson
Students have started a rough copy of a family tree. The
are to bring the paper home and ask questions about any missing information on their 'tree'
Students to bring back images and some family stories that can be recorded.
Family Tree.docx

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