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Wedge - SS10
Wedge - First Nation Studies 12
Social Studies 9
  • You will need your Horizons textbook for these assignments (check for when people can go to school to collect things from student lockers). If you need another textbook please let me know asap.
  • I've organized YouTube playlists to help you understand the material better. Watch the videos, read the assigned pages in the textbook, answer the worksheet provided.
  • Email me any assignments or questions that you may have.
  • Please do the best you can and don't worry if you don't know everything right away. Ask questions and I'll help.
Canada in World War One - (first 2 assignments) - Due May 27
4-1 Causes of WWI - assignment.pdf
YouTube videos:
How World War I Started - Crash course
World War I: Global Connections
Militarism as a cause
5 Major Treaties & Alliances in the build up to World War One
Nationalism and WWI
Causes of WWI - Imperialism
How the assassination of Achduke Franze Ferdinand
Why did WW1 start? Dan Snow explains in 2 minutes

4-2 Weapons & technology of WW1.pdf
YouTube videos:
Tech developments of World War I
Life in a trench
Trench Systems
Why barbed wire?
WWI machine guns
Machine guns - WW1 Uncut
Infantry weapons of WWI
Weird weapons and equipment of WWI
First World War tech: Clorine gas & gas masks
Introduction of the Tank in World War I
WWI The first tank vs tank battle ever
First world war tech: Dreadnoughts
How the Battle of Jutland
Russia vs Germany WW1 Naval Warfare
Invention & Development of Submarines
WWI The First modern war: The Germans engage in
The use of U Boats in WWI
First world war tech: Zeppelins
The Interrupter
Dogfights - WW1 Uncut
The Red Baron Operation Michael 3

Canadian History - Confederation to the Northwest Rebellion of 1885 - Due May 15
        04_horizons.pdf        05_horizons.pdf        06_horizons.pdf
YouTube Playlist Name: SS9 - Canada in the 1800s
7 assignments total

3-1 Towards Confederation - assignment.pdf
YouTube videos:
Heritage Minutes: Responsible Government
Heritage Minutes: Baldwin & LaFontaine
The words that shaped Canada: The BNA Act

3-2 Building a Nation - assignment.pdf
YouTube videos:
Internal Factors/Canadian Confederation
Canadian Confederation, Railways and Founding Fathers
Heritage Minutes: Sir John A. Macdonald
Heritage Minutes: Sir George Etienne-Cartier

3-3 The Conferences & BNA Act- assignment.pdf
YouTube videos:
John A. Birth of a Nation

3-4 The Northwest from 1800-1860- assignment.pdf
YouTube videos:
The Selkirk Settlers; Thomas Douglas, 5th Earl of Selkirk
The Selkirk Settlers, Cuthbert Grant & the Battle of Seven Oaks
Metis Pride - Flags of the Metis

3-5 The Red River Resistance - assignment.pdf
YouTube videos:
Manitoba History 7-1 - If we are rebels
Manitoba History 7-2 - War is upon us
Manitoba History 7-3 - A single act of severity

3-6 The Creation of BC - assignment.pdf
YouTube videos:
Sir James Douglas
This week in history - the Fort Victoria Treaties
1858 Fraser River Gold Rush
The History of British Columbia Sam Sullivan
BC joins Canada

3-7 The Northwest Uprising - assignment.pdf
YouTube videos:
Heritage Minutes: Louis Riel
Did you know? The history of Louis Riel
Northwest Rebellion
Crowfoot Legacy
Big Bear's Story
Trudeau exonerates wrongfully convicted Chief Poundmaker

Canadian History - Rebellions of 1837 & Beginning of Democracy in Canada
YouTube Playlist Name: SS9 - Canada in the 1800s
4 assignments total (2-10 NOT assigned)
Due April 24
2-7 The Immigrant Experience - assignment.pdf
YouTube videos:
Push & Pull Factors in Immigration
The Great Famine & Coffin Ships
Heritage Minutes: Orphans
Video: A look at the influence of Irish Immigrants in Toronto
Heritage Minutes: Underground Railroad
The Underground Railroad in Canada
The Heartbreaking courage of Harriet Tubman

2-8 Colonial government & the need for reform - assignment.pdf
  • Watch the PowerPoint presentation to help with the assignment
YouTube videos:
Democracy from Rebellion
Mackenzie explains the Family Compact

2-9 Lower & Upper Canadian Rebellions of 1937 - assignment.pdf
YouTube videos:
The Biggest Little Rebellion: Upper Canada 1837/8
Quebec History 19 The Patriots Rebellion

2-11 Aftermath of the Rebellions of 1837 - assignment.pdf
YouTube videos:
Lord Durham's Report

Pre-Spring Break assignments listed below:
Unit 2 - (starts at assignment 2-5)
2-6 Upper Canada - assignment.pdf

2-5 War of 1812 in North America - assignment.pdf

Unit 1
1-18 Napoleon's Abdication & Exile - assignment.pdf

1-17 Losses in Spain & Russia - assignment.pdf

1-16 Napoleon & Europe - assignment.pdf

1-15 Napoleon Takes Power - assignment.pdf

1-14 Napoleon's Early Career - assignment.pdf

1-13 A revolution devours its own children - assignment.pdf

1-12 The French Revolution Begins - assignment.pdf

1-11 New ideas & the Enlightenment - assignment.pdf

1-10 Louis XIV, XVI & Marie Antoinette - assignment.pdf



1-7 The American Revolution part 2 - assignment.pdf

1-6 The American Revolution - assignment.pdf

1-5 Seven Years War & the Aftermath - assignment.pdf

1-4 Rivalry & Conflict in North America - assignment.pdf

1-3 The NWC & Explorations of the West - assignment.pdf

1-2 Beaver trade in North America & the HBC - assignment.pdf

1-1 Regional Geography of N. America.pdf

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