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Wedge - SS9
Leadership 9
  • Email me any assignments or questions that you may have.
  • Please do the best you can and don't worry if you don't know everything right away. Ask questions and I'll help.
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Leadership paragraph answers.pdf

The Art of War

Sun Tzu powerpoint worksheet.pdf

The Art of War
  • Write a couple paragraphs answering the following question, "How can the Art of War help you with either: school, business/jobs, relationships or sports?
  • Use google to look up articles that can help you answer the question above.
Leadership poster
  • Choose a leader you wish to research and use the paper provided to create a poster project to display to others.
  • Topics to be covered:
  • Biographical Information: (born, died, family, where were they from?)
  • Leadership: (When did they lead? What did they lead? What kind/style of leader were they?)
  • Pictures, maps or other visual aids
Everyday Leadership Workbook
  • We have finished sessions 1,2,3 from this book
One page writing assignment, typed and spell checked, about the following :
"I will ask someone I respect to tell me about a more experienced & admired person he or she got advice from & how that person affected him or her."
  • Introduction - who did you talk to and why did you choose that person?
  • Main body - use 2-3 paragraphs writing about the advice you got from them.
  • Conclusion - summarize what you wrote earlier

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