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Here is a copy of our course outline and timeline.
Welcome to Math 9.docx

For each unit, I will post a 'suggested schedule' on a white board in our classroom. This schedule will include practice assignments, quizzes and the unit test. I encourage students to take a picture of this suggested timeline. Students should not let themselves fall behind this suggested schedule and are encouraged to work ahead if they can.

When students complete a unit, they will hand in all their unit assignments. I will be looking for the clear, concise steps they have taken to get from the questions to the correct answers (answers provided on assignment handouts). These assignments should be very near perfect as students are encouraged to ask for help with any questions they may find difficult.

Our practice assignments are in synch with the Moodle lessons so students can log in anywhere, anytime.
Google 'Yukon moodle' ..... and it's usually the first pick.  We will not be using the lessons on Moodle during class but they are excellent resources to use at home if students want to work ahead, get stuck on a question or just want to review what we covered in class. We will use the online Moodle quizzes, everything else we do in class will be on paper. Ask your student to show you the Moodle setup online; this will also help them familiarize themselves with the program.  :)  

Lunch-time tutoring is available every lunch hour in Room 224 (Learning Assistance Room). I can also available lunch hours on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; students should let me know ahead of time so I know that they are coming.

Although lots of class time is available for students to complete assigned work, most students will need to spend some time working on math at home. Math 9 is a very full curriculum with much new material introduced.

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