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Communications 12
Drama 10-12
Course outlines/Long Range Plan
Communications 11
Grade 8 English
Grade 10 English
EPIC 2019
English 10 2019
Active Living 10. 2019

Jan. 12/13  14/15  Watch Grease in class. Some of the students will come to watch the senior production
Jan. 3/4: Play games: Sheet game (paper between knees, trying to steal a chair), 2 Truths and a Lie, Ultimate tag
November 23-Dec. 16: Rehearse for our plays and then perform in front of other grade 8's.
Nov. 21/22 Do interviews and then work on Grinch and Rudolph
Nov. 16/17: Finish up interviews and present. Start working on Christmas plays
Nov. 14/15: Interviews of 25 questions and present your partner. This week decide on Christmas plays.
Nov. 7-10: New semester: Go over expectations and marking guide. Play Actor Needs a Director, Everybody Switch,  Clap game where you throw a ball and everybody claps but has to try and catch it,
Red/Green Light being in different characters, Name game-Party, made into a story, Musical chairs with dancing

Term 1:
Nov. 3/4 Games: Hunter and Prey, Actor Needs a Director, and movie on Friday: Mrs. Doubtfire.
Nov 2/3: Assessment of plays (self, peer, teacher) and games/scits to finish off semester

Oct 31, Nov 1: Two shows, main productions in front of audiences

Oct. 24-28: Rehearse for Wizard of Oz and Tell Tale Heart

Oct. 17-20:Rehearse for Wizard of Oz and Tell Tale Heart

Oct 14: Wizard of Oz: rehearse, stress memorization of lines

Oct 13: Tell Tale Heart-rehearse, refine characters, tech parts

Oct. 12: Wizard of Oz. Get tech booth going (film clips in play, sound bites, music, lights) and go over first scenes. Work on character, voice, tone, blocking..

Oct 11: Rehearse Tell Tale Heart. Go over character, tone, blocking and lighting/sound

Oct 7: Rehearse WIzard of Oz. Start nailing down parts for actors/actresses and tech booth

Oct 6: Rehearse Tell Tale Heart

Oct 5: Wizard of Oz

Oct. 4: Read "Gothic Cinderella'

Oct 3: Read and practised acting skills in 'Wizard of Oz'

Sept. 28: Read 'Tell Tale Heart' with class, 2 times through. Talked about tone, voice, character, parts and action in the play.

Sept 27: Started reading 'Wizard of Oz' with class...played 'Everybody Switch'.  Talked about and reinforced rules in the theatre and for behavior in the class.  

Sept. 21/22/23: Games: Murder incorporated, Cat and Mouse, working on scripts to present for marks for next class, presentation of scripts for marks

Sept 19/20: Interviews--finish up, mark sheets in.

Sept. 14/15/16: Present your partner to the class. Work on scripts where you will give yourself a self assessment for your performance, rehearsal and presentation of the performance. Drama games....

Sept 12/13 Games: Murder Incorporated, Whoosit, Cat and Mouse, start interviews. Students will interview each other and then present their partner next class. They will give themselves a mark for
their presentation and I will give them a mark.

Sept 8/9: Rubrics and how we will grade ourselves; skits to perform, Deserted Island skit, Cat and Mouse, Whosssit

Sept 6/7: Weekend: What I did and what I really wanted to do,  Human Machine game, Squeal Piggy, Squeal, Beast and Hunter

Aug 31- Sept 2: Worked on intro games, expectations, rules, and team work
-name game--going to a party, then short story
-Actor Needs a Director
-Boppity Bop Bop
Zip Zap Zop
Everybody switch

June 8th: Last class, everybody will perform 'Wizard of Oz' and 'Outsiders'

Feb 23: Read through 2 plays and decided on 'Tell Tale Heart' for performance
Feb 22: Decided on play for performance (PIGS) and worked on blocking, rehearsing and setting it to music
Feb 17-19: played Marco Polo, read, rehearsed and performed scripts for class and for marks.
Feb 15/16: worked on games (Moment to Moment, Cat and Mouse, Eye to Eye, Repeat Story) Scripts, work through and perform little skits
Feb 11/12: Did games: (Quack, Cat and Mouse, Eye to Eye, Repeat Story) and worked on scripts to perform in front of the class
Feb. 9/10: Did our interviews in the class and gave marks for our verbal, eye contact, tone and whether it was interesting.
Feb 5/8: Did games -Ultimate tag, musical chairs, and interviews witha partner
Feb 3/4:  1) Somebody who has ...(ie: Broke their leg) and switch   2) Objects you would have if on a deserted island  3) 20 questions (interview)

Feb1/2: Do intro games:  1)My name, going to a party  2) Make the name and object into a story  3) Pattern game: Whossit, with action or sound pattern and IT has to guess who it is   3) Actor Needs a
Director and then change into other things the IT is asking for

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