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Com 12: August 2018-Jan 2019

Jan. 7/8: essay comparing the novel to the movie of 'The Beach'
Dec. 19/20: Watch movie, 'The Beach'
Dec. 18: Test on Beach
Dec. 10-17: Read assignments 13, 14,15 and work on assignment on the 13th and 17th. Test will be on Tuesday, Dec. 18th.
Dec. 7: Mark assignments using self assessment rubrics and hand in everything up to assign. 12. Start the next reading.
Dec. 6: Read assignment 12 (pages 312-338) and do the questions/discussion
Dec. 4/5: Read for assignment 11 (pages 270-311) and do questions following it.
Nov. 29/30/Dec. 3: Read for assignment 10 and do writing assignment for it.
Nov. 28: Read and finish assignment 9 of Beach.
Nov. 27: Finish assignment 8 of Beach.
Nov. 26: Mark LPI tests for me, and then read assignment 8 of Beach. Start assignment.
Nov. 23: Finish LPI essays and hand in.
Nov. 22: LPI all morning in class
Nov. 21: Do LPI test for me, for marks. Official LPI for your transcript is tomorrow.
Nov. 19-20: Prep for LPI continued. Work on grammar, usage, summarizing, reading and comprehending, and essay writing
Nov.13:-15: Prep for LPI next week. Go over practice exercises
Nov. 9: Remembrance Day ceremony
Nov. 7/8: Work on display pieces for Remembrance Day
Nov. 6: Read "Tommy Prince" article and war poems. Discuss
Nov5: Correct all assignments and do self assessment rubrics
Oct. 30-Nov. 1: Read assignment 6 and finish up all assignments, including assignment 6, a journal entry as told from the perspective of one of the characters talking about their work detail
Oct. 29: Finish up assignment 5 of the Beach, a business letter
Oct. 26: Start the reading for Assignment 5
Oct. 22/23/24/25: Read pages 62-90 and work on assignment 4 of Beach
Oct. 19: Read pages 32-62 of Beach and start on Assignment 3
Oct. 17/18: Discuss and watch news/read articles about marijuana legalization. Cover topics: driving while high, legal age, cross border concerns for Canadians, edibles, youth brain development and
marijuana, medical uses, legal issues
Oct. 16: Complete assignments 1 and 2 of the Beach.
Oct. 11/12: Start novel, 'The Beach.' Read up to page 31, and start assignment 1 and 2
Oct 9/10: Finish the movie and watch a short documentary about lobotomies and electro shock therapy. Write a one page essay discussing the differences between the play and the movie.
Oct. 4/5: Watch the movie, 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.'
Oct 1-3: Work on written assignment for 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.'
Sept. 21-26: Read aloud and discuss victimization, abuse, and history of mental wards in the play, 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.'
Sept. 18-20: Read 'Truth About Sharks,' and do questions p. 274 1abcdef, 2 --for the report, do a one page report,with titles and then a paragraph or two outlining her performance
Sept. 14/17: Terry Fox posters for the run. Create an advertisement poster for our upcoming run
Sept. 13: Read aloud the play: 'A Thousand Supperless Babes' p 294. Read together and answer questions tog.
Sept. 12: Animal Wrongs p 284  1abc
Sept. 6/7/10:  Work on Terry Fox sponsorship business letters. Rough and good copy due today. Friday Sept 7 read half of short story, 'A Matter of Balance.' Do questions: p. 259 1abcde, 2 answer
questions and do a short story, 3
Sept. 4/5: Cabin Door p. 67 questions 1 abide, 2 (1-2 pages for short story), 4 Do questions, not discussion
August 30-31: Passages 12--Read: Photographer at work, p. 32  Mudwoman p. 36  Shoe Store p. 44, Summer Job p. 47, Butterfly p. 54 and discuss the poems.
P. 64 Suitcase Lady questions 1 abide, What Stays in the Family  p. 82 1 abcde, 2, 3
Aug. 29: Virtual Therapy, Real Results  p. 220  Quest 1 abc, 2 do one page for number 2
August 24/27/28: Starfood: p. 14-28 in Passages 12. DO questions  1abcd, and Parental Expectations assignment that I will give out.
August 22/23: Intro business letter. See Ms. Irving for the assignment. You will write a one to two page business letter introducing yourself.

Com 12: Winter 2018
May 29-June 1st: Read essays, discuss and answer questions
May 28: Finish up writing assignments
May 24/25: Read essay 'Welfare As a Life Raft.' and answer questions 1,2,3,4,5 9 in complete sentences
May 22/23 Essay comparison of movie to play we read
May 16/17: 18: Watch movie 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.'
May 15: Work on written assignment for 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.'
May 7-14: Finish up any overdue work. Read aloud and discuss 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.' Talk about exploitation of First Nations people, mental ward patients, power and authority, and
lobotomy and electro shock therapy
May 1-4: Work on Hell and Back assignments; May 3 meet with Joe Calindino and ask questions and listen to his talk.
April 23-27: Finish up all 'Hell and Back' assignments and write your test, which will take 2 periods. All work and tests are due by Friday, May 4th.
May 2: Write a response to the 856 Outsiders article. I gave a handout in class with prompts to form your paragraphs
April 30/May 1: Read 'The Outsiders: 856 Gang in Whitehorse' and discuss
April 26: Prep for BCP -- BCP will be written tomorrow morning, Friday, all morning.
April 25: LPI in class, write for the whole morning
April 24: Keep working on practice LPI and/or BCP practice exams online. Show proof of working on BCP practice for marks (print off results or take picture)
April 23: One LPI practice test must be complete, with essay done, and handed in. If all finished, work on BCP preparation.
April 19/20: Work on LPI practice. On Friday, go through BCP practice with students.
April 17/18: Test on 'To Hell and Back'. If you don't write it today, you'll write it later on. Questions for Hell and Back are due in by  by April 23rd.
April 16: Start working on practice LPI or finish assignments, if not in yet.
April 12/13: Finish all questions and assignments
April 9, 10, 11: Read Chapters 13, 14 and do the following questions: (we stopped reading at ch 14, but all of the questions below are assigned and due)
Chapter 13: All questions
Ch. 14: all questions
Ch 15: q 41, Ch 17: q 45, 48, Ch 18 q 49, Ch 19 q 51.
Do all remaining vocabulary questions for ch. 13-19.
April 5,6: Finish up all work for report card marks.
April 3,4: work on questions for Hell and Back--everything up to chapter 12 questions is due, including vocabulary.
April 3,4: work on questions for Hell and Back--everything up to chapter 12 questions is due, including vocabulary.
March 14/15/16: Read and discuss chapters 11-12 and finish up any questions you need to do.
March 12/13: Work on Chapter 8/9 of Hell and Back. If you are behind on anything, this is also a catch up period.
March 7/8: work on chapter 8 and do assignments for it. All assignments up to 8 should be done by next week.
March 6: Finish chapters 6/7 and assignments in class
March 5: Read chapters 6,7 and answer questions. You need to do: a) questions for the chapters b) vocabulary for the chapters c) additional  theme questions on the other sheet provided
March 1/2: Read chapters 4, 5 of To Hell and Back. Answer questions for chapters 4, 5 and do the 4 questions from the other sheets ( I put stars by the questions; there are 4 questions to answer in
addition to the ones on 4,5)
Feb. 27/28: Read Chapter 3 of Hell and chapters 1,2,3 questions are due tomorrow.
Feb. 20/21: Read chapters one and two of 'To Hell and Back.' Work on questions for the chapters.
Feb. 20/21: Read Chapters One and Two of 'To Hell and Back.' Work on questions for one and two.
Feb. 16/19: Read 'Scenes from a very long marriage' and do questions
Feb. 15: Work on grammar sheets and write sentencs,
Feb. 14: Work on grammar sheets and finsih up first pink set
Feb. 13: Get work in
Feb. 12: Get Matter of Balance and any other work handed catch up day.
Feb. 8/9: work on Grammar sheets for 1/2 hour. Read 'A Matter of Balance' on p. 250. Do questions 1 abcde, 2 and 3. For the short story, write at least a page, re-telling the story from the
of one of the bikers.
Feb. 7: Do grammar sheets, from nouns to adverbs
Feb. 6: Read p. 133-142  'The Reluctant Blackhawk' and answer questions 1 abcde and 4. For question 4, pick a Canadian athlete and write at least one paragraph (5-7 sentences) in your own words
regarding that athlete's accomplishments  
Feb. 5: Finish up Cabin Door assignment
Feb. 2: Work on Cabin Door assignment
Feb. 2: Read 'Cabin Door' and answer p. 75 1 abcde, 2 (one page short story told from perspective of the bear) and 4 (one paragraph)
Feb.1: What Stays In The Family p 78-82 1 abcde 2, 4
Jan. 31: Read 'Suitcase Lady. p 64-66 1abcde, The Butterfly 1 abcde, and Summerjob p. 47-49 1 abcd, 2, 5
Jan. 30: Read 'Ernest Shakelton' and do questions 1 abcde, and 4 in complete sentences.
Jan. 29: Read 'Shoemaker' and discuss questions, 1 abcde. Also read Photo Essay and discuss, Mudwoman and discuss. Pages 30-40
Jan. 25/26: Read 'Star Food' and answer questions 1 abcde, and do the Parental Expectations handout that I provide. This is due on Monday, Jan. 29th.
Jan. 22-24Write me an intro letter telling me about yourself. You will write it in business letter format. I have a handout for you to follow. Rough draft is due today.

Com 12: Fall session 2017

Jan. 8-12: Exam prep for BCP. You must finish at least one practice exam, start to finish. You will get marks for participating in doing each section (show me that you did it after completion of each
section) and then you can check your own answers. I will read over responses and let you know how you did on written.
Jan. 3-5: Business letters and exam prep
Dec. 18-20:
Dec. 14/15: Essay about the in Passages 12 book article about the future, then get essay assignment from me. 2 pages, minimum, in paragraphs, predicting what the next 10-20 years will
be like.
Dec. 4-13: Watch 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' and a lobotomy documentary that discusses Dr. Walter Freeman and his work on lobotomy. There is an assignment sheet  to compare the movie to the
play, and an assignment sheet on lobotomy. Both are a minimum of one page.
Nov. 30/Dec. 1: Read 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'
Nov. 29: LPI test in class
Nov 28 LPI finish up LPI practice exercises we've done: 2 essays, all of Practice test 1, 3, and everything except essay for LPI 2
Nov. 27: Finish up Practice LPI Test 1, which counts for your class mark. If done, ensure that Practice Test 3 is done and handed in
Nov 24: Write Practice Test for LPI which counts for marks for Irving's class. LPI is Wed. Nov. 29th
Websurfing at work: Fired or no?
People who are at work and surfing on the web when they are supposed to be working should be fired from their jobs. Employees will not be productive if they are on their phones. There could be safety
concerns if workers are surfing the web or texting at work. People will not learn to stay on task at work unless you reprimand them.

Nov. 23: Do Practice Test 2 together in class and go over answers. Friday, Nov. 24/Monday Nov. 27 you will do a Practice test for marks for our class. You will write your LPI on Wed. Nov. 29th.
Nov. 21/22: Work on  and complete Practice Test 3. Do all sections, and pick an essay topic and write the essay, one page, with 5 paragraphs, inc. intro, middle and conclusion.
Nov. 16/17/20: LPI practice--finish all grammar/usage sections, finish the Reading Comprehension sections, complete the reading and summary sections, and do outlines on the board for the 3 essay
Nov. 15: Continue LPI practice--do grammar/usage 5,6 and reading summaries Section 1 (Names) Section 3 (Cats, Dogs, animal expressions), Section 6 (smoking) and Reading comprehension (Wayne Gretzky,
and Spin)
Nov. 14: Start practice for LPI. Do grammar/usage exercises 1,2,3,4 in class--discuss errors and fill out bubble sheets.
Nov. 8/9: Listen to Cross Country check up--Sleep Deprivation and smart phone use.
Response about your sleep schedule:
-How many hours a night do you get?
-What is your sleep routine?
-what is your parent's sleep routine and how did they teach you to sleep as a youngster?
-Do you use phones in night and have your phone by your bed?
Response to talk show:
-response to  16 year old Aisly who spoke about social media/phone use in the bedroom
(see me for notes)
-response to psychologist about Smart phones, sleep deprivation and depression

Nov. 7: Tell Them About Me survey, and Raven Recycling
Nov. 6: Finish up movie assignment and any overdue--last chance for report card assignments
Nov. 3: Do assignment on movie and novel for Western Front< /font>
Nov. 2: Finish movie, "Western Front"
Nov. 1: Start watching movie, 'All Quiet on the Western Front'
Oct. 31: WW1 Novel projects--these are due on Thurs.
Oct. 30: Finish test and start work on WW1 novel projects, which are due on Thursday, Nov. 2
Oct. 27: Test on chapters 1-5 of the novel
Oct. 26: Work on Chapter 5 assignment. There will be a test tomorrow on chapters 1-5
Oct. 25: Finish chapter 4 questions. Then read chapter 5 of All Quiet on Western Front.
Oct. 24: Read chapter 4 of all Quiet on Western front and work on questions
Oct. 23: Read chapter 3 of All Quiet and work on assignment
Oct 19: Finish Chapter two reading and questions for All Quiet on Western Front
Oct 18: Work on Chapter 1 questions and start reading for Chapter 2 questions

Oct. 17: Read Chapter 1; finish assignments given by sub on WW1

OCt. 16: WW1 assignment: reading and questions

Oct. 13: WW1/WW3 finish writing response

Oct. 11: Grad retreat, everybody away

Oct. 10: Wars in the world: reflect on WW1, cause of WW1, effects of the war, weapons, conscription, economy at that time, poverty, women working during the war, death and post traumatic stress

Oct. 4/5: Read 'The Truth About Sharks'  p. 274 aloud and discuss. Assignment: 1 abcdef, 2 1/2 page performance report for security guard.

Oct. 2/3: Read 'A Matter of Balance' and discussed in class.  p. 250 Assignment: questions 1 abide, 2 Why is this point of view effective? Explain and you will retell the story from the perspective
of one of the bikers. 1 page in length

Sept. 28/29: Read 'The Outsiders--Gang in Whitehorse' about the drug wars happening and where the current event issue is traced to. Work on a response to the article

Who: who is involved in the drug wars and how does it affect Yukon's
Why: Why the gang came here and what keeps them here
How: How is it affecting us, our crime rates, our illegal drug driven activity
What: What is happening, crimes that have happened, drive by shootings, beatings, drug charges, jail time
When: 2007 started up to now. 10 years. What happened in 2013, 2015, and who was affected.

Sept. 26/27: Finish Reluctant Blackhawk and work period to get caught up on any overdue assignments

Sept. 25: Reluctant Blackhawk: pg. 133-143  Read and answer questions 1 abcde, 4. Answer in complete sentences and paragraphs and for number 4, do 1/2 a page in your own words. If you research, cite
any research that you do and the website

Sept. 22: Terry Fox Run

Sept. 21: Work on any over due work ,and if done, read article on Iceland and substance abuse. Write a response to whether what Iceland is doing would work in Yukon. Why, why not, pros, cons,
response to how you would feel if those stipulations were put upon you as a teenager, as they are in Iceland

Sept. 20: Work on Shackleton and What Stays in the Family

Sept. 19: What Stays in the Family  1 abcde, 2, 3, 4 for number 4, 1/2 a page of writing

Sept. 18: Shackleton: p 83-93 1 abcd, 4  in sentences and use details to refer to the article

Sept. 15: Read Suitcase Lady p. 64-66 and answer all of question one 1 abcde and read and discuss ‘Butterfly’ and p. 54 answer 1 abcde in complete sentence

Sept. 12/13/14: Start Cabin door questions and short story, retelling the story from the bear’s perspective. Length: one to two pages. Questions: 1 abcde, 2, 4
Sept. 12: Read Cabin Door aloud and discuss

September 11: Passages 12  Work on p 48 Shoemaker 1 abcde, and Summer Job p 49 1abcd
Class discussion and debate over word choice, context or time and place to say things, and school appropriate language.

September 7/8: Work on Terry Fox business letters. Students will work with a partner to write business letters to ask for donations for upcoming Terry Fox Run.

Sept. 5/6: Work on Starfood assignment

Sept. 1: Read the story 'Starfood'  p. 14-28 from Passages 12. Answer questions p. 28 1 abcd in complete sentences with lots of detail. Complete 'Parental Expectations' assignment--discuss the prompt
questions in sentences and paragraphs; length is 1-2 pages.

August. 28- Thurs. Aug 31st :
Write a business letter introducing yourself to Ms. Irving. You will do a rough draft, self assess it, edit it with Ms. Irving, do corrections, do a good copy and self assess with a rubric for the
good copy.
Finish off business letters in computer lab. Edit with Ms. Irving, print, sign and hand in.

Write an intro business letter to Ms. Irving

Your first and last name   (Address from sender)
St. address(ie: 903 Fir St.)
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A _ _ _ (put in your postal code)

Trena Irving
Porter Creek Secondary School
1405 Hickory Street
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 4M4

(put date after skip line)

Dear Ms. Irving:

Put the following information in sentences for your first paragraph:
Your full name
where you are from
where you live in Whitehorse
how long you've lived in Whitehorse


Paragraph 2: Schools you've attended, favorite teacher and why, favorite English activity or least favorite, Your goals in this class, your goals in school, your hobbies/sports/activities outside of
school written in detail, What you want to do for your career, what mark you want to get in this class, contact numbers (your cell phone and parents, I will destroy letters after you're out of my

Last paragraph: a sentence or two to end your letter, in which you say something nice to the reader of the letter (example: I hope this will be a good class for me...)

Yours sincerely, (or truly,)


your printed name here

Com 12- Spring session

June 5-9: Finish up play, 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' and do the movie. Give out assignment to do after the movie is complete.
June 2: Nobody came
June 1: Read 'Future Tense' and answer p. 234-240 in Passages 12: 1 abide, Question 2: Forecast in a one page piece of writing how you think the future will change in the next 20 years.
transportation   employment
money               food/drink
relationships      shopping
technology        ;travel
May 31: Read 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
May 30: Read 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'
May 29: Passages 12  Read 'The Reluctant Black Hawk' p. 133-142 and answer 1 abcdef, 4
May 26: p. 133-142  The Reluctant Blackhawk, Passages 12 text. Answer 1 abcdef and 4
May 25: Grad rehearsal in afternoon
May 24: Response to electric vehicles, technology and job loss, environmental considerations
May 23: Electric vehicles--current affairs and response to if electric vehicles will take over the regular combustion engine in the next 8 years. Read article and discuss
May 19: Response to texting and driving, one to two pages
May 18: Texting and Driving--watch Werner Herzog video and COW
May 17: Go over marks and ensure that all work is handed in, and give time to get any work incomplete done.
May 16: Get caught up on any overdue work
May 15/17: Read an article on Fake News --students will find some fake news stories and caption what the story is, how they know it's fake, and then find some real news stories and do the same
thing--what the stories are, how they know they're real
May 11/12: Read 'A Matter of Balance' and do question 1,2,3  For number 2, do half a page
May 10: Sub this class, work on any overdue work
May 9: Read
May 8: Finish up 'Truth about Sharks' questions.
May 5: Read 'The Truth About Sharks' and do questions in passages --all of 1 abcdef, 2
May 4: Work on Beach response
May 3: Work on Beach response
May 2: Watch Beach movie
May 1: Watch Beach
April 28: Response and if done, read 'Magic of Hockey' and respond
April 27: Read 'I shot dad' and respond
April 26: Work on Grad Transitions
April 24/25: Prepared for LPI with exercises
April 20/21: Read articles from Choices (Scholastic magazine) with substitute teacher and handed in responses, one page in length, to some of the articles
April 18/19: Did a test on the Beach
April 12/13: work on finishing the novel, and complete 14/15 and hand in
April 11: Finish off assignment for Beach 14
April 10: Do reading for 14 and discussion. Start written work
April 6  Do written work and answer questions tog. for 12/13
April 5 Read and discuss assignments 12/13
April 4: Do assignment 11
April 3: Read and discussed Assignment 11
March 15: Catch up
March 14: Worked on Assignment 10, creative writing about Richard's observations of the Beach at this point
March 13: Read to pg. 270 and started assignment 10
March 10: Catch up
March 9: Read and complete work on assignment 9
March 8: do reading for assignment 8
March 6: Complete written work for assignment 7
March 3: Do assignment 7 reading and discuss
March 2: Completed Assignment 6, journal entry on job at the Beach and leisure time; why you like it better there than back home
March 1: Work on Assignment 6; earthquake drill
Feb. 28: Read assignment 6 of Beach
Feb. 27: Work on essay for assignment 5
Feb 23: Work on essay assignment for 5. Pick one topic; don't do both
Feb 22: Read assignment 5
Feb 21: Work on written assignment for 4 of the Beach
Feb. 20: Read assignment 4
Feb. 17: Finish assignment 3
Feb. 15/16: Read assignment 3; do internet research on Koh Samui and Koh Anthon
Feb. 14: Read assignment 2 and work on assignment
Feb. 13: Read the first assignment of the Beach. Work on written assignment after reading
Feb. 10: Iceland article:  Read the article and then answer questions in a one page response:
1) Why do you think we have so many young people abusing drugs/alcohol here?
2) Would the Iceland model work here?
a) Parental involvement (more)
b) After school activities (4-5 times per week)
c) Curfew
d) $ financial help to do activities
Feb. 8/9: Finish up short stories and do p 82 What Stays in the Family 1abcede, 2, 4 write at least 1/2 a page to a page
Feb. 7: Continue working on Cabin Door
Feb. 6: Work on questions p. 78-82 &nbsp;1abcde, 2, 3,4   For #4, write a minimum one page short story told from the perspective of the bear. Use proper sentences and paragraphs.
Feb. 3: Read Cabin Door aloud and discuss
Feb. 2: Read Suitcase Lady p66 and answer questions 1abcde, then read Cabin Door p 75 and do questions 1abcde, 2 (at least a one page short story), 4
Feb. 1: Read poems and articles together and discuss. Passages 12: p. 10/11 Early Inklings, discuss questions 1abcde, Shoe Store p. 43 questions 1 abcde, Summer Job p. 47 1abcd, 4, The Butterfly p.
55 1 abcde
Jan. 31: Finish Parental Expectations assignment
Jan 30: Do grammar exercises on grammar exercises on on pronouns. Work on Parental Expectations writing assignment.
Jan. 27: Read 'Star Food' and answer questions  1abcd
Jan. 26: Once teacher edit is done, correct mistakes and hand in good copy. Self assess rough draft and give mark with rubric, and self assess good copy and give mark with marking guide.
Jan. 25: Intro letter rough draft, write and edit after done. Get teacher to edit after self edit.
Jan. 24: Intro and outline to Com 12. Go over class expectations, especially rule about not using cellphones. Give intro letter assignment.


Jan. 11/12: Finish Amanda Todd documentary and then write a 2 page essay response. I handed out notes from the documentary.
Assignment: Discuss the documentary, using points, example, and details and how this whole story could have been handled properly/better.
2 pages with an introduction, body and conclusion.
Jan 10: Watch Amanda Todd documentary
Jan. 9: Work on last units of Destress. For marks, you are doing pages 12, 13, 15, 16 in your logbooks.
P. 12 How do you physically react to stress? Write it out.  p 13 Fill out stressors/strategies columns  p. 15  your plan for when you are in a stressful situation   p. 16 Your support tree-who
you rely on if you are stressed
Jan. 5/6 work on essay about the future and what to expect in the next 20 years. See me for assignment sheet. Essay is 2-3 pages in length. </div>
Jan. 3/4: Talked about the concept of future, and read 'Future Tense' p. 234-240 Passages questions  1 abcdef, 2
Dec. 16: Catch up on work not handed in
Dec. 15: Movie/play comparison for Cuckoo's Nest; catchup and mark update
Dec. 14: Movie for Cuckoo's Nest/ play-movie comparison
Dec. 13: Watch the movie
Dec. 12: Assignment for Cuckoo's Nest
Dec. 9: Finish reading the play
Dec. 7/8: Keep reading 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Dec. 6: Start reading 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' aloud and discuss
Dec. 5: I shot dad 2 page response to the short story
Dec. 2: Awards day
Dec. 1: Finish LPI essays in class, for marking by me
Nov 30: LPI written all morning, periods 1 and 2
Nov 28/29/Dec. 1: Do LPI for my marks, out of 100 marks,
Nov. 25: Worked on Practice test 2 and for some, finished essay for practice test 1. Monday, Nove 28th we'll have a test for LPI that counts for class marks; Wed. Nov 30 is actual LPI
Nov 23/24: Worked on essay for practice test 1: due today
Nov 22: Did the reading/summary sections and marked them; started planning an essay for the topic: 'Should a comprehensive exam be mandatory at the end of a degree or trade program at college or
Nov 21: Started work on Practice test 1: did the grammar and usage sections, the reading/multiple choice section
Nov 18   Did sections 7 and 8 of grammar; section 5 of reading/mult. choice reading, section 2 summary of reading passage
Nov. 17: did sections 5,6,7 of Grammar/Usage practice for LPI
Nov. 16: Sentence structure 3, 4  Para. response Section 1 Names, section 6 smoking
Nov. 15: work on LPI preparation. Went over in the practice booklets: Sentence structure Exc. 1 and 2, Reading Comprehension 1 and 4
Nov. 14: Discuss discrimination and read 'The Truth about Sharks'. p 274 1abcedf, 2.   1/2 a page report  Answer in complete sentences, with explanations in your answers, answer all part of the
question and use paragraphs for the manager's report
Nov 10: Remembrance Day ceremony
Nov. 9: Destress part 2: Write a one page free write about: 1) Stress in your life and how you could change some things to deal with it. (i.e.: Your reaction to your parents if they ask you to do
something....)2) What you're thankful for in your life. (i.e.: Even if somebody causes you stress, what are you thankful for with that person?)
Nov. 8: Response to election of President Trump: What do you know about the election and Trump? How will this change relations with US and Canada? You can do some research or just do your own
response. One page. ( We had a class discussion so if you weren't here, you can put your own ideas or do some research and write about those ideas. For any research, you must reference where you got
your info from (website)
Nov. 7: Criteria --mark your projects for All Quiet on Western Front. Put your projects downstairs to be displayed. Marking criteria available from Ms. Irving
Nov 3/4: Read 'A Matter of Balance' p. 250-259 in Passages. Do questions: 1 abide, 2, 3 (not with classmates, just your opinion). For number 2, write a 1 page short story retelling it from the
bikers' perspectives  
Nov 2: Destress part 1 talk. Work in books, do a piece of freewriting to be handed in on what stresses you (from child to now) what makes you happy and what do you do to relieve your stress or
Oct 31/Nov.1 : Finish up movie/novel comparison and novel project
Oct 28: Finish up movie/novel comparison and novel project
Oct 27: work on Movie-novel comparison and novel projects
Oct 26: Watch move All Quiet
Oct 25: Watch movie, All Quiet...
Oct 24: Work on projects and tomorrow we will mark test, then watch the film
Oct 19/20: work on novel projects for Western Front
Oct 18:  Finish storyboards and any overdue questions, as all questions should be in by now
Oct 17: Test on chapters 1-5; finish story boards from chapter 5
Oct 14:Finish off chapter 4 and 5 questions for Western Front. Mark those questions on Monday and then do a quiz. On the quiz, know: 1) characters in the novel 2) dates of WW1 and causes  3)
countries--who worked with who in alliance during the war, as our characters are German
Oct 13: Do Chapter 4 in class
Oct 12: Mark chapter 2 questions; read chapter 4 and discuss
Oct 11: Read and do questions for chapter 3
Oct. 7: Finish any work not done
Oct 6: Work on Chapter 2 questions, maps, any work incomplete
Oct 5: Read aloud chaper 2 of 'All Quiet on the Western Front.'
Oct 4: Finish maps, and any overdue work.
Oct 3: Went over missing assignments, how to improve assignments handed in, finishing maps
Wed. Sept 28: Go over missing and overdue work. ALL missing and overdue assignments are due on Monday Oct 3rd.

Tuesday, Sept 27: Read Chapter one of All Quiet on the Western Front; finish WW1 discussion
Monday, Sept 26: Finish Cabin Door assignment; start talking about WW1 for Western Front novel
Friday, Sept 23: Terry Fox Run
Wed/Thurs Sept 21/22:
The Cabin Door  p. 67-75
questions: 1 abcde, 2 (at least one page short story), 4  Answer this question in writing, not in a group. Respond in a least one paragraph for 4.

Tuesday, Sept. 20/Wed Sept 21 : Time to work on questions from yesterday (1/2 hour)
Read: p. 135 Passages 12: The Reluctant Blackhawk  questions: 1 abcde, 4
For Reluctant Blackhawk, #4, your research about a Canadian athlete should be 1/2 a page to a page. Include the website you got your info. from and put info in your own words --do not copy info word
for word or it's considered plagerism.

Monday, Sept. 19:  Passages 12
Read together and discuss family secrets or deep, dark secrets we have but cannot share.
p. 82 What Stays in the Family  questions 1abcde, 2, 3, 4 &nbsp;-Answer in sentences and paragraphs, with explanations of your opinions
p. 66. Suitcase Lady: questions 1 abcde

Friday Sept 16: Go over Hard Edges, Soft Skills and discuss. p 35- questions 1 abcde in sentences with explanations, 2 do a list of 10 top skills required by employers and answer the questions
p. 47 Summer Job p. 49  1 abcd, 2, 5.

Thursday Sept 15: Correct Starfood questions and hand in. Parental assignment due tomorrow. Go over photo essay verbally in class (p 30-32) and go over questions orally.

Wed. Sept 14: Work on Starfood assignments

Tuesday, Sept. 13: Read 'Starfood' p. 14-28 in Passages 12. Do questions:
p. 28 1 abcd--Answer in complete sentences.

1 e: Write out a conversation between Dade and the woman. What woudl he have said to her and how would she have responded? 1/2 a page in length, write as a dialogue.

Parental expectations assignment: 1 page essay about your parent's expectations of you. Assignment handout given in class.

Monday, Sept 12: Responses on texting and driving due. Work on Terry Fox posters together in groups.

Friday Sept 9: Worked on responses to texting and driving, due by Monday if not already in.

Thurs Sept 8: Worked on Terry Fox sponsorship letters in groups in the computer lab. Called managers about donations

Wed. Sept 7: Response for C.Country Checkup--Texting and Driving and criminalization-due Friday, Sept 9th
1 page, in paragraphs, use details from you heard and give your opinions about the topic.

-started planning business letter for donations for Terry Fox Run, posters

Tuesday, September 6: Listen to Cross Country Checkup--Texting and Driving and should it be criminalized. Listen, discuss, makes notes for a writing response to this topic tomorrow
September 1/2: Finish off business letters in computer lab. Edit with Ms. Irving, print, sign and hand in.

August 30-Sept 2, 2016 : Write an intro business letter to Ms. Irving


Your first and last name   (Address from sender)
St. address(ie: 903 Fir St.)
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A _ _ _ (put in your postal code)

Trena Irving
Porter Creek Secondary School
1405 Hickory Street
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 4M4

(put date after skip line)

Dear Ms. Irving:

Put the following information in sentences for your first paragraph:
Your full name
where you are from
where you live in Whitehorse
how long you've lived in Whitehorse


Paragraph 2: Schools you've attended, favorite teacher and why, favorite English activity or least favorite, Your goals in this class, your goals in school, your hobbies/sports/activities outside of
school written in detail, What you want to do for your career, what mark you want to get in this class, contact numbers (your cell phone and parents, I will destroy letters after you're out of my

Last paragraph: a sentence or two to end your letter, in which you say something nice to the reader of the letter (example: I hope this will be a good class for me...)

Yours sincerely, (or truly,)


your printed name here

Contact: Ms. Irving in room 207 or theatre



June 13: BCP practice in computer lab
June 9/10: BCP practice in computer lab
June 8: Write comparison of novel to movie
June 6,7: Watch movie, Beach, and do a comparison essay of novel to the movie
June 2: Survivathon
June 1/3: Finish test. Work on novel projects today, and Friday, June3rd
May 31/31: Finish assignments on Monday, Test on Tuesday, May 31
May 25-27: Finish novel and get assignment 15. Finish up all assignments as they are due in by June 2nd, Thurs
May 20/24: Read assignment 14 and spend May 24th getting it done in class.
May 18th/19: Read assignment 13 of Beach and work on it
May 17: Finish test on Beach, and assignments
May 16: Test on Beach, assignments 1-11, pages 1-311
May 13: Start reading assignment 12 of Beach
May 12:  Work on Beach assignment 11
May 11:  read and discuss Beach assign. 11
May 10: Write out journal entry for assignment 10
May 9: Read assignment 10 Beach
May 6: Work on assignment 9 for Beach, questions
May 5: Read assignment 9 of Beach
May 4: Work on Assignment 8</font>
May 3: Read assignment 8 for Beach
May 2: Finish off assignment 7 of The Beach
APril 28/29: Read assignment 7 in class, and work on 7
April 27: Read assignment 7 in class and discuss
April 26: Work on assignment 6 in class, writing part
April 25: Read assignment 6 in class
April 21/22: Time to complete assignment for 5. Two essay choices about forming your own society independant of technology or formal government or if you are having a hard time, would moving away to
a different country help.
April 20: Read Beach to cover assignment 5, pages 94-123
April 19: LPI in class
April 18: Practice test for marks, done independantly
April 15: Practice test for marks, done independantly
April 14: Practice test in class, done together
Wed APril 13: LPI prep--go through essay outlines, grammar sections, and reading summary sections. Tomorrow we will do a practice test together
Tuesday April 12: LPI prep- same as Monday
Monday April 11: Go through LPI prep--grammar sections, reading summary sections and reading/multiple choice sections
Friday April 8: do writing part for Assignment 4 of Beach
Thurs April 7: Read assignment 4 in class
Wed April 6: Work on assignments, mark Beach 1-3 tomorrow
Tues April 5: Work on Beach 3
Mon April 4: Start reading for assignment 3 of Beach. One and two are due.
Fri April 1: Class time for assignment 1 and 2
Thurs March 31: Read assignment 2 for Beach. Do questions for second reading.
Wed March 30: Start the Beach novel. Go over assignment one and model how to answer questions/write descriptively in your answers. Do Assignment 1
Tues March 28: work class to get last week's work done
Thurs March 24: Passages 12  p 203 1abce, 3
Wed March 23: Passages 12 p. 142  1abcde, 2, 4
Tues March 22: Passages 12  p. 93  1abcd, 2,3, 4
Mon March 21: read and do questions from: Passages 12  (p. 78) -82  Quesions 1 abcde, 2,3,4
Thurs March 3: Work on documentary response
Wed March 2: Triple A assembly
Tuesday March 1: Watch documentary on Marketplace, 'Are We Racist?'  Discuss.
Monday 29: p. 94 Passages 'Why Canada has a Literacy Problem'--discuss and do questions together. Page 100 How we Lived--read, look at pictures and discuss photo essay
Wed. Feb 24/Thurs 25: Work on assignment for Cabin Door and get caught up on any overdue work
Tues Feb 23: Read the The Cabin Door p 67-75 (Gave print out of marks and overdue assignments)
Questions 1 abcde 2 short story from bear's perspective   1/2 page to 1 page  4 Film-how are wild animals represented in movies/stories
Monday, 22 Feb: Finish movie to play comparison.  Also do a response to Walter Freeman, the doctor who made lobotomies famous. You will write a critical response to the short documentary. Did
lobotomies help people? What about shock therapy--how was it used and effectiveness? Finally, how were these two techniques used and described in the play/movie? 1 page response to lobotomy/shock
therapy documentary
Fri `19: Do movie-play comparision writing piece
Wed. Feb 17, Thurs 18: Watch Cuckoo Nest movie
Tues. Feb 16: Quiz on 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'. After start watching the movie.
Mon Feb 15: Do 'One Flew Over Cuckoo's Nest' assignment in class. Only this class to work on it, due Wed.
Fri 12: Read 'One Flew Over Cuckoo's Nest'--read in class
Thurs. Feb 11: Read 'One Flew Over Cuckoo's Nest'--read in class
Wed. Feb 10: Read 'One Flew Over Cuckoo's Nest'--read in class
Tues Feb 9: Start 'One Flew Over Cuckoo's Nest'--read in class
Mon. Feb. 8th: Time to work on assignment for 'Out on the Ice'
Fri. Feb 5th: Read 'Out on the Ice' about Brian Burke and his son who died and was gay
Thurs. Feb. 4th: Finish 'Starfood' story and do questions and parental expectations assignment
Read and discuss 'Early Inklings'. Read 'Starfood' from Passages 12, p 14-24

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