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Grade 8 English
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EPIC 2019
English 10 2019
Active Living 10. 2019

Sunday Dec. 17: Parent show, 7:00-8:15 on Sunday night in theatre. Open to the public
Dec. 15: Play last period today
Dec. 14: Play first period today
Dec. 13: Play first period today
Dec. 12: Tues: Play first period today
Dec. 11, Monday: Play last period today
November 27/28: Dale Cooper is coming to dance with the class. Be there for marks in dance part of class. Play will be performed on December 11-15th, with parent shows on Dec. 16 or 17th. Students
MUST be off script.
Nov. 6-9: Work on Remembrance Day ceremony. We are doing a WW1 skit, action to 'Knocking on Heaven's Door', and action to 'Your Song.'
Nov. 2/3: Nov 2 work on songs and dances for play. Nov. 3 work on last part of the play, pages 30-59
Nov. 1: Line test on 1-30 of the play
Oct. 26-27, Oct. 30/31: Line test on pages 17-30. The line test will be on 1-30 on Wednesday Nov. 1. Classes will focus on rehearsing the lines for those pages.
Oct. 25: Line test  pages 1-17, off script, lines, actions, character, teamwork
Oct. 24: Practice for line test
Oct. 23: go over pages 1-17, do self assessment of character, lines, actions
Oct 19: Focused on pages 1-17 to memorize. Read through them, and will have a line test on Wednesday, Oct. 25th on pages 1-17--players should be off script on these pages on Wed.
Sept. 27-Oct. 11: Work on improv and adding in parts for each character of our play. Work on script sections, acting out parts and being in character for your role.
Sept. 18-26: Read through parts of script each class. Do a written assignment on what character you wish to be in the play and why and what you can bring to the role. Improv in class working through
parts of the play.

Sept. 11-15 Work on reading the script for 'A Midsummer Night's Dream.' Watch the movie following the reading.

Sept. 7/8: Work on improv scenarios.

Sept. 6 Play Cat and Mouse, finish off skits, start improv

Sept. 5: Perform your skits for marks. You will self assess and peer assess. I will also give marks.

Sept. 1: Pick partners and do some scripts. You will read over several times and rehearse. Substitute will play warm up games: Last Man Standing, Counting Games, Start/Stop, Traffic Light

August 28-Aug. 31: Intro games and team building. Go over class expectations and marking scheme

Actor Needs a Director
Everybody Switch
Last Man Standing
2 Truths and a Lie
Beast and Hunter
Squeal Piggy

Fall 2016

Jan. 13,16, 17: Shows from 8:40-9:55  Friday, Monday Tuesday. Tuesday, Jan 17th is evening show for parents
Jan. 3-12: Rehearse play; marks daily for acting, team work, involvement
Nov 21-30: work on scenes from play. Memorize the first 12 pages for a line test on Dec. 5th
Nov 18: Do all dances one last time with Dale
Nov 17: Did dances for Hand Jive, Rock and Roll, We come together
Nov. 16: Dance: One that I want, We Come Together
Nov 15: Dance--work on various numbers
Nov. 14: work with Dale on dances for the play. Worked on Summer Nights, Rock and Roll is Here to Stay, and self assessment
Nov. -4-10: Work on Remembrance Day dances and performance. Dance to 'Goodbye Blue Sky' and do actions to 'Soldier' by Dixie Chicks.
Nov. 1-2: Go over performances and do peer and self evaluation. Start working on Grease again.  
Oct. 28/31: Perform shows 1 and 2 of Halloween Airband
Oct 13-27: Work on Halloween airband. Rehearse numbers that students come up with during class; practice dances and self evaluation
Oct 12: Work on Grease--do first scenes up to Summer Love--start forming songs for airband for Halloweeen
Oct. 6/7/11: Work on Donald Trump spoof
Oct 5: Mini assembly, School Wide Write, Sea Game (Pike, Eel, Dophin) Shark Attack!, highlight scripts
Oct. 4: Worked mainly on Grease Lightening dance moves, and jiving for all songs and partners in dances
Oct. 3: Worked on dances--handjive, Rock and Roll, Greased Lightening
September 28: Worked on Handjive
Sept. 27: Worked on Walkout song, Summer Nights, Rock and Roll is Here to Stay, Handjive. Worked on simple jive steps, staying in character, voice, movement while being in charcter

Sept 26 MONDAY: Worked on walkout song, and Summer Nights. Worked on dance moves, being in character, freeze frames
Sept. 22/23: worked on script and scenes. Worked on character, voice, tone, action in scenes.

Sept 21: Worked on script and intro song, Summer Nights

Sept. 20: Worked on scripts (finish presenations) and worked on Summer Nights (dances, action, words,) and firedrill

Sept. 19: Work on intro to Grease--walkout, in character, dance moves, first scene dialogue

Sept 16: Present dialogues and do self mark, peer mark and teacher gives a mark

Sept 15: Worked on short scripts, 2 person dialogues, rehearse and present.

Sept. 14: Read script to end, then learn hand jive song.

Sept. 13: Read over script

Sept. 12: Finished Grease the movie. Play character freeze, where you pick a character from Grease and when one freezes during the song, everybody must freeze.

Sept 9: Started Grease....the movie

Sept. 8: Played Cat and Mouse, Whoosit, and talked about rubrics and assessment and got students to input best assessment methods

Sept 7: Come up with grading rubric points to add to what we have. Games and skits, talk about big projects
Airband, Grease, Christmas, Halloween, Remebrance Day
-played Squeal Piggy and Actor needs a director

Grease: to be performed at Christmas and incorporate a Christmas theme, Airband last weeks after Christmas, Halloween maybe something light and funny or ghost stories for kids

Sept 6: Energy ball, Zip Zap Zop, Squeal Piggy, My Weekend (what I did) and what I really wanted to do...Human Machine Game

August 30-Sept 2: Getting to know you, outline of course, games
-going to a party, names and short story
-improv tag
-Energy ball
- Boppity Bop Bop
Actor Needs a Director
Everybody Switch

Spring 2016
Wed. June 8: final presenation of play (am class)
Tuesday, June 7: presenation of play (am class)
Monday June 6: 2nd presenation of play (am class) and one evening performance
Friday, June 3: 1st final presentation 'One Flew OVer the Cuckoo's Nest'
Tuesday, Wed. Thurs: May 31, June 1, June 2: Act out the play, with marks for out of 100 for knowing lines, being in character, acting skills, voice, volume, action, team work, being on task,
participating fully

Friday, May 27: Line test on the whole play. Marks out of 100 for knowing lines, being in character, acting skills, voice, volume, action, team work, being on task, participating fully

Tuesday, Wed. Thurs March 4: Perform Airband for the school. You have 2 self assessements for the Tues/Wed performances and a self/peer assessement on Thursday. The self/peer assessment and rubric is
due after the break.
Monday, Feb 22-29: Air Band Rehearsals for class
Fri Feb. 19: Go through air band rehearsals
Thurs 18: Improv game (Taxi) and go through songs with teacher (self assessment marks)
Wed Feb 17: Practice airband, go through songs with teacher
Tues Feb 16: Air band go through people's songs
Mon Feb 15: Air band discuss, play Cat and
Fri Feb 12: Airband and self assessment mark
Thurs Feb 11: Worked on airband
Wed Feb 10: Worked on Airband and ultimate tag
Feb 9: Played Ultimate Tag; improv; looke up airband ideas at computer lab
Feb. 8: Played 'Sqeual Piggy Squeal'. Talked about doing an Air Band for our first small production and talked about bands that could be represented. Did improv tag, where two players go in, act out
a scerio, freeze, another player jumps in
Feb 1-5: start of semester 2
Ice breaker games: Going to a party with object that starts with your name, then making it into a short story. Actor needs a director, What If, If you Ever, Switch if you have a common trait, pattern
games with clapping, Beast and Hunter, 2 Truths and a Lie
Students were given outline of class, marking scheme talked about, and participation and attendance talked about. If kids have poor attendance, due to partication marks, they were told to not stay in
the class.  

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