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English 8

June 12/13: Worked on poem and did a memory poem....
June 5-9: work on poetry devices, doing worksheets and labelling poetic devices in 'The Highwayman'. On June 9, work on consonance and assonance and devices in poems and songs on the worksheets
June 2 Work on essays.
June 1 Read 'A Wish for Arnold' in orange text. Do essay on one wish that you wish you had. Organize your essay into 5 paragraphs, with a beginning, intro and end.
May 31: Monkey's Paw Do question 2, at least half a page   Read 'Life Sentence' and do question 1,2
May 30: Making Canadian Hockey History p. 103 orange text
#1: Write a list of advice you would give to a young woman who wanted to play higher level hockey (at least 3 points) Write a paragraph about common perceptions of hockey players, male and female,
and why you have these perceptions.
#2 Make a poster to encourage young woman to join hockey, just on regular paper.
May 29: Finish off Monkey's Paw assignment, and read p. 98 Life Sentence and questions 1,2 on p. 102.  Read Making Canadian Hockey History p. 103 and do 1,2
May 26: Read Monkey's Paw and do short story about 3 wishes, and question 4, if you think it was Mr. White's fault
May 25: Do skits and read Life Sentencep. 98 , My Guilt p. 123, and p. 152 Raoul Wallenberg
May 24: Finish up Day of the Butterfly and dialogue create skits with partners about the story
May 23: Read and discussed: Child Who Walks Backwards, Who is Disabled, and Day of the Butterfly
May 19: Read in Scope magazine and did a play. Did response to articles with a sub.
May 18: Read and discussed articles in Scope
May 17: Fake news presentation
May 16: Fake news--how to spot fake news discussion and then find some fake news on line and contrast it to some real news sites
May 15: Finish play on Immortality and do a response to 'If you were immortal, pros and cons'...
May 12: Finish paragraph on saving kids in Holocaust; read Scope magazine and do play
May 11: Read 'Saving 50 Children' and went over how to form a paragraph response with 5 sentences: Topic sentence, supporting sentences with 3 different points and concluding sentence. Write a
response to helping children from Nazi Germany by bringing them over to Canada. You are to imagine that you are back in WW2, and you have a family of your own with children. How would you help, why
you help, risks of helping...
May 9/10: Test on Anne Frank and all themes/info we've discussed and viewed from the novel/movie.
May 8: Finish documentary on Anne Frank's informer and a short documentary on Otto Frank. Tomorrow we do a test on the whole story, and themes from the novel, movie and our class discussions.
May 1-5: Watch Anne Frank, The Whole Story. Watch a documentary about who told on the Franks and got them caught.
April 26,28: Finish up Anne Frank--read to page 135 and then cover the ending
April 24,25,27: Do workplace safety skits
April 19, 20, 21: Work on Scope magazine articles with sub. Summarize and respond to articles  
April 18: Work on Anne Frank assignment 4
April 13: Work place safety skits with Gwaadeka theatre
April 12: Read and do assignment for 4 of Anne Frank. Time to work on it on Tuesday as well.
April 11: Mark and self assess answers for Assignment 3 of Anne Frank. Keep reading for rest of the class.
April 10: Read Holocaust magazine, and silent read. Discuss Holocaust issues.
April 6: Do assignment 3 of Anne Frank
April 5: Read to page 113 of Anne Frank, silent reading, Holocaust magazine reading and discussion
April 4: silent read; read pages 95-105 of Anne Frank and a few articles from the Holocaust magazine
April 3: Silent read; read pages 85-95 of Anne Frank and a few articles from the Holocaust magazine
March 15: Worked on assignment 2 of Anne Frank
March 14: Worked on assignment 2 a little bit; did Sugar Shack with French class
March 13: Correct assignment 1 and do self assessment rubric for marks
March 10: Read to page 80 of Anne Frank; start Assignment 2
March 9: Read to page 70 of Anne Frank
March 8: Write up the assignment on Amanda Todd
March 7: Watch Amanda Todd documentary (Fifth Estate)
March 6: Read pages 49-60 Anne Frank
March 3: Skits on conflict; talk about online safety and do a brainstorm
March 2: Talk on sexting online, online safety with RCMP. Skits on conflict.
March 1: Work on Assignment one of Anne Frank
Feb. 28: Work on assignment 1 of Anne Frank
Feb. 27: Finish reading for assignment 1
Feb 23: Read Anne Frank and begin assignment 1
Feb 22: Silent reading; look over missing assignments with everybody and hand in missing work
Feb. 21: Silent reading; read pages 7-25 of Anne Frank
Feb. 20: Course selection
Feb. 17: Write up about Holocaust; start first reading of Anne Frank
Feb. 15/16: DVD and discussion about Holocaust
Feb. 14: Course selection
Feb. 13: Finish skits on conflict, and do self assessment rubric. Brief the class that tomorrow we will watch a documentary about the Holocaust and it is disturbing, so if anybody needs to be excused
they are to let me know.
Feb. 9/10: Talk about Stress, NUTS model, and finish reading 'Handling Anger and Resolving Conflict'. Students will discuss and share stories of conflict and stress, and then get into groups to come
up with role plays about conflict and how to solve the problem.
Feb 8: Mark 'Thank You Ma'am questions. Read 'Handling Anger and Resolving
Conflict.' p. 92-95. Do role plays with situations that students come up. They will perform their role plays and self assess with their partner or group.
Feb. 7: Finish Thank You Ma'am assignment
Feb. 6:Finish Thank You Ma'am assignment
Feb. 3: Go over definitions and fill in blank spelling sheets. SPELLING TEST: Wed. Feb. 8th.  Read 'Thank you Ma'am' p. 14-18,  and do the writing assignment.
Feb. 2: Read over spelling list one. You will do the definitions (matching to your words) and fill in the blank. After you are done both of these sheets, take each of your words and write it into a
sentence, showing that you know its meaning.
Feb. 1: Finish up assignment for 'The Street that Got Mislaid' (questions and journal entry). Give out Spelling list 1
Jan. 31: Read 'The Street that Got Mislaid' p. 4-11 and answer questions.
Jan. 30: Tour of the library, book exchange and silent reading. Students write up a paragraph on what they are reading, what is about and what they predict will happen.
Jan. 26/27: Silent reading for 15 minutes. Go to computer lab to type up letters. Get Ms. Irving to edit the rough copy with you, then make changes and do the good copy. Letters are due by Monday,
Jan. 30th. Last day to work on them is Friday, Jan. 27th
Jan. 25: Start writing a rough copy of your 'Intro business letter.' Also go to library to get silent reading novels. </div>
First day of class: Jan. 24: Go over class expectations and outline. Assign textbooks.

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