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Winter Semester:

June 1: Exam prep
May 31: Hair show
May 30: Finish up essays/exam prep
May 29: Finish movie and do essay comparison between Acts 1, 2, 3
May 25/28: Watch 'Romeo and Juliet' movie
May 24: Do questions for Act 2/3
May 22/23: Finish up reading Act 2,3 in class.
May 17/18: Work on questions for Act 1: Scene 3 p. 38 1,2,3     Scene 4  p. 38 1,2, 4     Scene 5  p,. 38  2,3,4
May 16: Continue reading and mark first Shakespeare assignment
May 15: Carry on with Shakespeare--go over assignment for those finished and continue reading Act 1, scenes 3,4
May 14: Finish up test for those absent
May 11: Poetry test--on devices, analysis, written response
May 10: finish reading Act 1, scenes 1,2 and do assignment sheet. See me for questions.
May 8/9: Start Romeo and Juliet. Read through intro about the story, history of the play, and read to end of Act 1, Scene 2
May 7: Finish up poetry assignments --there will be a quiz on Thursday, all poetry is due at end of week.
May 4: work on poetry assignments from May 2nd. Write a nature poem and a nature symbol poem (on handouts Poetry Exercise 1 and Poetry Exercise 2). Each poem should be between 16-20 lines and have at
least 5 devices, labelled.
May 3: Joe Calendino presentation
May 2: Continue working on questions from poetry handouts. Yesterday we also read 'Swift Things are Beautiful'. You are to write a poem with similar structure but about different subject matter.
Include different poetic devices (16 lines, same as 'Swift..") Answer Questions for Discussion: 1 Swift things are Beautiful 2 The Wind Tapped Like An Old Man 3 Mushrooms questions
May 1: Read and analyse Dylan Thomas's 'Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.' Write one paragraph of what you think it means, if you were not in class, and also label devices in each stanza. We
discussed, labelled and went over meaning. Continue working on poetry handouts (starts with Fences...)
April 30: Read over 'Fences' and 'Mending Wall.' Compare and contrast in a paragraph what the poems mean. (see my assignment handout)
April 26: Hair Show and Triple A assembly
April 24/25: Prism of Poetry books: Pick 3-5 poems that you like from the book. Write out your poem on a sheet of paper, including page number and title of the poem. Label any poetic devices you see
in the poem and write me a short paragraph (5-6 sentences) telling me why you relate to the poem ( ideas: what's powerful, images, messages, theme, feeling, symbolism). Take ONE of the poems you
analyses and write your own poem, with the same structure as the poem you picked. Label your own poetic devices (at least 5)
April 23: silent reading to start. Finish off assignment from Friday, including the 'Raining Love,' Insecurity poem, 'Shooting Baskets' memory poem. Poetic devices sheets should be in and complete
and Highwayman should be in, labelled and complete.
April 20: Read 'It's Raining Love' and analyse what it means. Then write your own 'Insecurity' poem. This is a poem of something in your life that makes you insecure. 10-30 lines. Time to finish up
poem handouts (Rough, Fifteen, etc) and handouts are due Monday, along with memory poem and insecurity poem.
April 19: Read 'Shooting Baskets' and do your own memory poem. Should be between 10-30 lines, with poetic devices in it. Finish up poetry question sheets.
April 16/17/18: Do poetry handout with poems Rough, Fifteen, etc. Talk about meaning, label poetic devices, and answer questions at the end of the poems.
April 12/13: Go over Highwayman  poem and label poetic devices. Talk about meaning, analyzing the theme.  
April 9,10, 11: Go over Poetry Handouts. These need to be completed by Thursday, April 12. We will also read "Highwayman' and fill in poetic devices on the poem, discussing it in class. Finally,
students are to write a response about 'Color', the poem by an African child that we read in class.
April 4/5/6: Read to yourself, 'Earthquake'.  p. 350. Answer question 2 abc in sentences and then go through and identity the 21 elements of a short story from the handout I gave you. Answer in
complete sentences.
April 3: Read 'Borders' p. 79 of Sightlines and discuss elements of a short story in relation to the story.
March 12/13/14/15/16: Work on short stories and finish them. Those who do not have them handed in on by Tues. March 13 are considered late submissions. Tuesday and Wednesday we will read each other
stories and do peer editing/final edits for good copies to be handed in by Friday, March 16th. Sugar shack on March 16th
March 7/8: Work on short stories about vehicles. See me for the assignment. Last day to work on it in class is Monday, March 12, stories are due on Tuesday, March 13
March 6: Finish assignment from yesterday and hand in completed paragraphs
March 5: Silent reading and thenrRead Chapter 1 of Christine by Stephen King on the actual copy; go through your non-paragraph copy and put in NP where paragraphs should be.
March 2: watch 9/10 basketball tournament and cheer on our team
March 1: Go over 'Truck' questions and mark them and do rubric. Read chapter one of 'Christine' and put paragraphs where they need to be, as the photocopy is all one block of writing.
Feb. 28: Read 'The Truck' and answer questions. Go over rubric to assess your answers and content/sentence structure. Due tomorrow
Feb. 27: Do the assignment from Thursday and read 'The Truck.' Assignment about 'Driver Play' and poem is due today.
Feb. 21/22: Silent reading. Read the poem, 'The Road Not Taken.' Write a paragraph of about 5 sentences, what you think it's about. Next do question 1 a from 'Driver Play', which asks how does the
poem relate to the end of the play. Finally, write me one page about the following: A vehicle incident or accident that was scary or where you had a near 'miss' or just got out of the situation by
being lucyk and what you think your first vehicle is going to be like. What type of vehicle, why do you like that type, when will you get your license and start driving.
Feb. 20: Silent reading and write a paragraph about what you've read. Read p. 205 Sightlines 'Driver Play'. We will read this aloud and tomorrow do an assignment on a driving story you have
(accident, scary episode or something you've seen or witnessed while being in a vehicle) and some of the questions from the play about Robert Frost's poem, 'The Road Not taken.'
Feb. 16/19: Silent reading for first 15 minutes--present with a parnter your topic and self assess your performance
Feb. 15: Finish up partner work for the presentation.
Feb. 14: Work on verbal presentations with your partner. More time on Feb. 15th to work on them. You will present tomorrow, Friday and Monday.
Feb. 14: Essays are due in by Friday, Feb. 16
Feb 13: Work on essays. They should be finished up today
Feb. 8/9/12: We will finish, 'Are We Racist' and we will do an essay and a verbal presentation based on the documentary.
Feb. 7: Read 'Yukon Letter' from Red-Green show and talked about stereotypes. Started watching 'Are We Racist' from CBC Marketplace
Feb. 6: Read Emily's Quest p. 67 and then write: 1) a one page letter to yourself to be opened when you graduate and 2) List your most important goals in ilife. Say why and how you'll achieve them.
Feb. 5: I am Not My Brother  p. 56  1,2 (2 needs to be 1 page)
Feb. 2: Commercials for 'This is Not my Body" --Watch and discuss.
Feb 1: Silent read, then finish up 'This Is a Test' assignment. We will read today p. 51 Sightlines 10, 'My Body is my own Business' and answer questions 1, 2, 3. (I will go over commercials/ads for
beer and cars.) If time, we will read 'I'm Not My Brother', pl 54-56 Answer 1, 2 --number 2 should be 1/2 a page but no more than a page
Jan 31: Read 'This Is A Test' and answer questions 1,2 and write a paragraph about how you feel about taking tests (are you stressed, yes or no, and why? Describe in detail, 5-8 sentences)
Jan. 30: Time to finish up Bicycle, poem and song from last class. Good copies of intro business letters were due on Monday, Jan. 29th. They need to be in by Wed. Jan. 31 or I will be deducting late
Jan. 29: Silent reading response, 1./2 a page what you are reading, what it's about, title, author, how many pages you read today.
Jan. 26/29: Read 'The Bicycle.' You will answer questions on page 40 -- 1,2,3 For number one I am looking for 3/4 to 1 page.
Jan. 25: Read, discuss and listen to song: 'Meditation 17' by John Donne and 'I Am a Rock'. You will write out in summary form, the meaning of each one. You should be writing between 5-8 sentences, a
paragraph, for each summary.
Jan. 24: Got out silent reading novels and read for some time. Read from Sightlines 'Narcissus' and students have to write a first person account of the story (see question one in the text) Due
tomorrow as I gave 25 minutes to do the writing.
Jan. 23: Worked on letters again. They are due tomorrow.
Jan. 22: Write a one to two page intro business letter. I have handouts for the letter assignment and I went over class expectations today.

English 10  Fall semester
Jan. 9-12: Give out terms and practice for exam. You will have all week to do practice sheets, practice devices and analyse a poem with devices. I will look over your sheets and you will get a mark
for doing the work, but I will not mark it. Hang on to sheets to practice for the exam. Exam is Wed. Jan. 17th, 9-11 am.
Jan. 8: One more  class day for essays/projects
Jan. 10: Projects, essays are due. Rough draft essays due on Monday, Jan. 8th
Jan. 3-8: Work on essays; work on end of play projects (one writing, one artistic)
Dec. 18-20: Work on essays
Dec. 11-15: Mark tests together in class. Go over mark structure, share example answers and have students total up marks. Watch movie of modern Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo Decaprio. Start essay on
the movie-play comparison.
Dec. 4-8: Two days to do tests for Romeo and Juliet. Part one is writing and Part 2 is multiple choice. Finish up all assignments for Romeo and Juliet.
Dec. 1: Work on Assignment for Act 5, all questions. Test will be next week.
Nov. 28/29/30: Read and finish the play, Romeo and Juliet. Act 5, scenes 1-5. Watch rest of movie, traditional R and J.
Nov. 27: Silent reading and do Act 4 questions and assignments
Nov. 24: Work on Romeo and Juliet, Act 4 Scenes 3-5 questions. Questions are provided and you will have Monday, Nov. 27th to work on Act 4 Scenes 1-5 questions and get them in to me.
Nov.23: Read and discuss Act 4, Scenes 1-5  
Nov. 20-23: Work on questions and assignments for Act 3, scenes 1-5. These are due on Thursday, Nov. 23rd.
Nov. 17: Finish reading Act 3, Scenes 4/5  and discuss. P. 95 Act 3, Scene 4, all book questions, Act 3, Scene 5 questions 2,3,4,5 (don't do first one)
Nov. 16: Read Act 3, Scene 3 Do questions on page 94-95 1,2,3,4 and questions 1-7 on handout given in class
Nov. 15: Silent reading. Follow this by working on the assignment for Act 3, Scene 2. Questions: Page 94: Act 3, scene 2 questions1,2,3 and questions given on sheet in class.
Nov. 14: Watch the movie up to Act 3, Scene 2. The movie is the 2013 version. Discuss. Silent reading after.
Nov. 9: Read Act 3, Scene 2   Questions: Page 94: Act 3, scene 2 questions1,2,3 and questions given on sheet in class
Nov. 8: Get Act 1all questions, Act 2 all questions, and Act 3, scene 1, in to me
Nov. 7: do questions 1-4  p. 94 1,2,3,4  Uses sentences and paragraphs in your answers. Refer to the play and give details and examples in your answers. Due: Wed. Nov. 8th
Nov. 6: Silent reading and read Act 3, scene 1 and discuss meaning
Nov. 2/3: Work on questions for Romeo and Juliet: p. 64-67. This work is due on Thurs. Nov. 9th
Scene 1: p. 42-43 Question 1: How does Mercurio's view of love differ from Romeo's?
Scene 2: p. 44-49 questions 1,3
Scene 3: Write out a dialogue between Romeo and Friar Laurence, in modern English. Summarize the important parts of the speeches, very briefly. They will be talking in the dialogue (1/2 to one page)
Scene 4: p. 53-58  1,2,3,4  For number one, research one of the women to research. Do not do a poster; simply do the research and write about one of the famous lovers, a woman, and write it into a
paragraph. Cite any websites and do not plagerise.
Scene 5: p. 59-61 1,2
Scene 6: p. 62-63 1,2
Nov. 1: Read aloud, discuss and translate Act 2, Scenes 4,5,6  
Questions: Act 2 p. 64  Answer in complete sentences/paragraphs with details and explanations to back up your response.
scene 1: just do the question, not a collage
scene 2: questions 1,3
scene 3: question sheet provided by teacher
scene 4: 1,2,3,4 (for number 1, just research one of the women and write a paragraph in your own words. Cite your source.
scene 5: 1, 2
scene 6: 1,2
Oct. 31: Read aloud, discuss and translate Act 2, Scene 3,4  Silent reading for lit circles.
Oct. 30: Read aloud, discuss and translate Act 2, Scene 1- 2. Silent reading at the beginning of class
Oct. 26/27: Work on questions assigned yesterday. All questions for Act 1, scenes 1-5
Oct. 25: Meet in literature circles. Talk about your books, what is happening and complete short written assignments.
Romeo and Juliet: pages 31-36  Act 1, scene 5 Work on questions: bag 37-40  Answer all questions in complete sentences with details to back up your answers.
Act one, scene 3 all questions
Act one, scene 4 answer 1, 2, 4
Act one, scene 5 answer 2, 3, 4
Oct. 24: pages 24-30, Act 1 scenes 3 and 4 read in class. 10 minutes of silent reading. Questions from Act 1, scenes 1,2 are due now
Oct. 23: Time to do silent reading for lit circles (10 min). Work on assignment for Act 1, Scenes 1 and 2. Questions were given in class.
Oct 19: Read Romeo and Juliet, pages 17-23 and finished Act 1, Scene 1
Oct. 18: Read 'Romeo and Juliet'. Read pages 13-17 aloud and discussed what it was about
Oct. 16: Read p. 104 'A Secret Lost in the Water'. Answer questions 1 and 2 but for 2, just give your opinion as to whether or not parents can pass anything on to their children. Length: one paragraph
p. 142 'Long Walk to Forever' Questions on attached assignment sheet.
Oct. 13: Silent Reading for literature circles
Oct. 12: Lit circle meeting; time to get caught up on any overdue assignments
Oct. 11: Go over Grammar sheets and silent reading for lit circles  
Oct. 10 : Work on grammar sheets, get groups together for silent reading novels for lit circles. Some time to read book for lit circles, work on grammar sheets and correct exercises 1-3
Oct. 2, 3, 4, 5: Write your outline for your essay. Discuss and work on your writing with your teacher. Time to type it out on Wed. Oct. 4th and Thurs. Oct. 5th with editing in mini conferences
Sept. 29: Go over essay writing model and outlines. How to write an essay; a five paragraph essay with intro, body and conclusion and three main topics discussed. Time to work on Midsummer essays on
Monday, Oct. 2

Sept. 27-28: Finish watching 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' movie. Talk about differences between movie and play that we read.

Sept. 26: Work on any overdue assignments. For those all done everything, read the Greyhound newspaper article and do a response to it. In your response, answer the questions provided with the
assignment on whether or not it is an essential service.

Sept. 25: Finish reading a Midsummer Night's Dream in modern English aloud with class. Start movie.

Sept. 22: Read the modern English version of MSNDream in class, aloud.

Sept. 21: Finish up assignment and read out role plays or predictions.

Sept. 20: Work on questions for A Midsummer Night’s Dream. P. 156   Journal entry:  Part 1: Imagine that you have been tricked into falling in love with somebody. How would you feel, how would
react, what would the scenario be…Part 2: Imagine that your parents were telling you who you had to marry. How would you feel/react, what action would you take? Journal entry is half a page for
part 1, half a page for part 2

3 Write a role play of the next possible scene or write a ½ page prediction of what is going to happen, based on what you read so far.

Sept. 19: Read excerpt of Midsummer Night’s Dream. P 149-156  Discuss and go over meanings of the passages.

Sept. 18: Finish up all assignments from Sept. 15th

Sept. 15: Work on 'I am Not my Brother' p 54-56 and do questions 1, 2. Work on 'Teen Calls'. pg. 111 and answer both questions. Read 'Emily's Quest' on p 66/76 and answer questions 1, 2, For number
1, write a letter to yourself to be opened when you graduate. In your letter, give details of
what you are interested in now; jobs, girlfriends/boyfriends, sports, friends, family, tv shows, internet shows or memes, etc.

Sept. 13/14: Read 'My Body is My Own Business' and do questions 1, 2, 3 on page 53. Also complete your Ninny assignment

Sept. 12: Read 'My Body' page 47-50 You will do number 3 in a group and present your opinions to the class about body image of males and females

Sept. 8/11: Finish reading 'I am a Rock' and listen to the song. Answer questions 1, 3 on page 4 in complete sentences with explanations. Read p. 43-45 'The Ninny' and answer questions 2, 3. For
rewriting the scene, length is one page.

Sept. 7: Finish 'The Bicycle' assignment. Read  p. 2,3 'Meditation 17' by John Donne and discuss meaning. Start reading 'I Am A Rock.' and discuss.

Sept. 6: Read 'The Bicycle' p 33-40. Answer questions: p 40  question 1 do a 1/2 page to one page reflection, 2 discuss together, 3 Answer in sentences

Sept. 5  Work on 'This Is a Test' and Narcissist questions.

Sept. 1: Read 'This Is a Test' p. 8-29  and answer questions: 1,2 in complete sentences. Number 3 is my own question: How do you feel about taking exams/tests? Stressed? Relaxed? Anxiety? Explain and
write your response in one paragraph.

August 31:  Read 'Narcissist' page 5-7 in Sightlines 10, answer question 1, and rewrite the myth from Echo or Narcissus's perspective, one page in length

August 28-30 :  
Class expectations, outline, and meet and greet
Intro letters: Write Ms. Irving a business letter introducing yourself. There is an extensive outline to do this and you must include all parts. Once you are finished, you will give your letter a
self assessment mark out of 10 marks. You will then edit it with Ms. Irving and then fix any mistakes, and do a good copy.
Good copy due on Sept. 1

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